India To Receive 600 Medical Devices From The UK Amidst Grim And Uncontrollable COVID-19 Scenario

The UK government is sending across life-saving medical equipment to India to fight the COVID-19 situation.

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

April 27, 2021

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India is currently battling a horrid COVID-19 situation with countless citizens falling prey to the coronavirus infection. With the total number of recorded cases and the fatalities increasing everyday, the nation is facing a tough time. Recognising the worrisome nature of the scenario in India, the United Kingdom recently decided to send across loads of medical equipment to help out.

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The United Kingdom has announced that it will be sending a bunch of extremely important and valuable medical devices to India. This comes after the endlessly worsening and uncontrollable COVID-19 situation being observed in India. The nation has recorded the largest numbers of daily cases in the world and the situation seems to only get worse with each passing day. To help India battle the coronavirus disease and its second wave, UK packed up around 600 medical devices to provide further resources for India to tackle the widespread disease.

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The British government is sending over equipment such as oxygen concentrators and ventilators to India now. They announced this decision to send them over in order to provide medical assistance in the fight against the pandemic. All the equipment was packed up and loaded onto a truck in Buckinghamshire’s Milton Keynes. These life-saving devices that India is set to receive soon from the UK are going to help fight the virus better with more resources. All the equipment was seen

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