India To Conduct Genome Sequencing To Detect New Virus

After the UK made an announcement about the new mutant, India is to start Genome Sequencing soon.

Isha Khatu

December 28, 2020

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The coronavirus mutant in the United Kingdom has scared a lot of nations as most of them had it under control. According to the COVID-19 latest news in India, medical centres are soon going to start conducting the Genome Sequencing to detect the new virus. Various other nations have already started the process. Here’s what you need to know about Genome sequencing.

India to begin conducting Genom sequencing

India has found it very difficult until now to curb the disease. The cases have reduced comparatively, but the news from the UK about the new mutant has raised a lot of questions in the minds of the medical practitioners. Many nations are concerned about the existence of the new coronavirus mutant and have begun conducting the Genome sequencing of genes of COVID-19 positive samples.

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India’s new strategy was revealed wherein 5 % of the positive cases from all states and Union territories will be sent for Genome sequencing. The process will be carried out to check the presence of the UK strain. More than 50 samples of travellers who returned from the UK are under testing at various designated laboratories. All the passengers who had returned from the UK between November 25 and December 25 are being tracked with the surveillance unit. This step of tracking the passengers began immediately after the UK broke the news globally. The unusual changes including some are believed to make the virus over 50% more transmissible.

Countries like Japan, Canada and Spain have joined several other countries to report the new variant. Australia has also reported its first few cases of the new variant. Two coronavirus cases with the new variant were also found in Nigeria and South Africa apart from the UK and Australia.

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Meanwhile, the US tops the chart of having the highest number of coronavirus cases in the world. However, it ranks 43rd when it comes to sequencing cases for genetic changes. The country had more than 18 million cases officially reported, but only 0.35 cases have been genetically analysed for the new variant. According to the latest reports, Australia and New Zealand top the chart of Genome sequencing of cases. UK is currently on the 8th position.

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