India Ranks On Top As Asia’s Most Corrupt Country

A Transparency International report listed India as Asia’s most corrupt country, followed by Cambodia and Indonesia

Raghav N

November 25, 2020

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A new report published by Transparency International has declared India as the most corrupt country in Asia. Whether one likes to accept it or not, under the table proceedings in the nation is a way of life and a key step in getting your work done. The survey validated the results with statistics with 39% Indians accepting that they gave bribes in the past 12 months. Next in line is Cambodia at 37% citizens who agreed to offer money in exchange of getting their job done. Indonesia follows at the third position at 30% of participants accepting the same.

Amongst the most honest nations are the Maldives and Japan, where only 2% participants allegedly gave bribes in the last one year while only 3% of South Koreans were guilty of the act.

When it comes to corrupt institutions in India, 46% people felt that the police is the worst, while the same percentage also accused local officials of dishonesty. Politicians and ministers also came in the radar at a whopping 42% and government workers came next at 41%. What is surprising is that 20% of those surveyed felt that judicial bodies are also breeding grounds of fraud and bribery, which means that those who have the law in their hands are not trusted by their own country’s residents.

On being asked about where the maximum corruption is witnessed, government bureaucracy won hands down at 89%, followed by bribery at 39%. Next came the 46% who said that that the need to have a strong reference to get a task completed is exhausting. Political matters such as votes in exchange for money constituted 18% and the last but not the least, 11% said that sexual favours are a common phenomenon in the Indian society.

While 47% people believe that corruption has increased in the last one year, 27% feel that it has reduced. 23% allege that it is status quo and 3% did not have an opinion on this matter.

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