India Is On Its COVID19 Recovery Path, Assures PM Modi

With less than 50,000 cases of COVID19 in the last few days, India is seeing a steady decline in the per day cases for the first time in the last seven months

Raghav N

October 20, 2020

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A recently concluded study sponsored by the central government revealed that India’s COVID19 pandemic may end in February 2021 as the nation has already witnessed its worst Coronavirus peak. With less than 50,000 cases in the last few days, there may be some relief for the first time in seven months.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech on Monday stated that the country is on its way to redemption. The PM proudly announced that India has one of the largest recovery rates in the world at 88%, owing to the early adaptation of lockdown measures, when infections were only a few thousands. He also said that some indigenous vaccine companies are in their advanced stages of trials and they will work with the government towards a well-established delivery system for the inoculation against the virus.

The last two days have displayed positive results with the nation recording 55,000 new cases and 66,418 recoveries on Sunday. The fresh infections further dropped on Monday to 44,747 while recoveries increased to 69,237.

Scientists and doctors however warn that though India may be on its way to freedom from COVID19, it is subject to every single individual following all the guidelines, including hand washing, sanitisation of surfaces, wearing masks and social distancing.

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