India Crosses Five Million COVID Cases, Records 82,000 Deaths

India is the second worst-affected country from COVID19 as it races past the 50 lakh infections mark

Raghav N

September 17, 2020

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Trouble continues for India as the country has now crossed the five million mark for COVID19 cases. At more than 50 lakh infections, Coronavirus quarantine and treatment centres are still overwhelmed with a shortage of medical equipment and staff.

Of the total number of cases, Maharashtra itself constitutes for more than 10 lakh patients of COVID. This is followed by Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi, all over 5 lakh cases each, while Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka are above the 3 lakh infections mark.

It is worrying that on 15 September alone, there were more than 90,000 cases recorded. While authorities claim that  five crore plus tests have been conducted, 82,000 people in India have already succumbed to this pandemic.

There is however, some ray of hope with a good recovery rate of 78.5% and a death rate of less than two percent, which indicates that almost 40 lakh patients have successfully fought this novel disease till now.

Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh make up for a major chunk of 48.5% cases, while regions like Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Chhattisgarh and a few others constitute 24%. Delhi figures in the remaining 22.6% states including Assam and West Bengal.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took yet another jibe at the Narendra Modi government on their lack of management of the Coronavirus. The ruling party is however satisfied with what it calls a long-standing crisis and has assured that it is doing its best to contain the situation.

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