India Assists Sri Lanka After Tanker Off Sri Lankan Coast Leaks Diesel

An Indian aircraft has been deployed to spray the oil patch formed from the leakage from the New Diamond vessel

Raghav N

September 10, 2020

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In a massive joint effort between India and Sri Lanka, the fresh fire that broke out on the super tanker New Diamond, was extinguished on Wednesday and is now under control. Environmentalists said that this could have been the world’s largest oil spill, had it not been tended to.

However, reports suggest that the vessel is leaking diesel. An oil patch has been spotted around 1 kilometre away from the tanker. Though Sri Lanka is yet to confirm the volume of the outflow, it is known that the vessel has been moved 37 nautical miles from the island country’s east coast.

An Indian coast guard aircraft has been deployed to spray chemicals on the diesel slick to accelerate the process of dilution.

The 20 year old container, that was carrying 1700 tonnes of diesel and 2.7 lakh tonnes of crude oil, suffered the leakage while authorities were draining out sea water from the structure. The Sri Lankan chief prosecutor has already asked the local officials to claim damages from the vessel’s owner, who are the Greece based Porto Emporios Shipping Inc. Reports suggest that legal action will be taken under the Sri Lankan laws protecting the marine ecosystem.

Recently, a Japanese ship that crashed off the Mauritius coast leaked 1000 tonnes of oil, of the total 4000 tonnes that it was carrying. In comparison, had the New Diamond accident not been averted, the ecological disaster would have been colossal.

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