Sathya’s Indhumati And Prabhu Are Best Friends And We Can’t Deny That!

If our parents can be our best friends, then there is no other joy that can be bigger than this. What do you say? Scroll down to read more about Indhumati and Prabhu’s bond on your favourite Tamil Show Sathya.


October 10, 2020


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Sathya is one of the most-watched shows on Zee Tamil. Starring Ayesha and Vishnu Vijay in the lead roles. It is about a girl (tomboy) named Sathya, whose life revolves around a guy called Prabhu. The show is popular for the lead pair’s onscreen chemistry; every time the couple comes onscreen, fans go gaga over them.  On the show, Prabhu and Indhumati (the mother-son duo) seem to be like best friends and always give us friendship goals.

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From cheering up each other when one’s sad to being there for one another, Prabhu and Indhumati’s bond is more than just a genetic link. Here are the times when Indhumati has proven that she is not only a doting mother but an amazing friend to her son Prabhu.

Always willing to listen to Prabhu

When Prabhu misbehaves with Sathya, she leaves the house. During this incident, Indhumati listens to Prabhu’s problems patiently and provides a solution. She tells him how he was wrong to have misunderstood Sathya and asks him to apologise to her.

Gives good advice to Prabhu

In the past episodes, Indhumati advises Prabhu not to miss a person like Sathya, who loves him unconditionally. She explains to him how hard it is to find true love in life and when Prabhu has finally found his love, he shouldn’t let her go!

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Always have a concern about Prabhu

Indhumati is always concerned about Prabhu; She thinks about his happiness more than hers. Her life actually revolves around her son and she makes sure that she is always there when he needs her. No matter how old Prabhu is today; Indhumati always worries about him and constantly checks on him.

Gives space

Some mothers fail to give space to their children. However, Indhumati is different; She never invades Prabhu’s privacy. Even when she senses problems between Prabhu and Sathya, she lets Prabhu solve his matter on his own. Even if Prabhu comes to her with his concerns, she only helps him solve it and never tries to intervene.

Well, if our parents can be our best friends, then there is no other joy that can be bigger than this. Tell us if your mother too is like Indhumati in the comment section below.

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