IN PICS: These Moments Are Proof That Kamli Ishq Di’s Mahi Is A Fearless Person


June 11, 2020


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One Against Three


The Punjabi TV serial Kamli Ishq Di is setting new rules for heroism. Here, not only is Deshveer (Jashn Kohli) a veer, but his lady love Mahi (Shehnaz Saher) is also brave enough to fight with anyone for her rights. Mahi and Deshveer have fought with each other many times, but Mahi usually gets into fisticuffs with other people more. Here are some moments where Mahi fought tooth and nail for her own rights.

Watch how Mahi ignores Deshveer’s help here:


Our first glance of Mahi shows her dabangg nature. To settle her dues with Lalli, she makes a dramatic entrance into Lalli’s house and mocks her for not paying up. But Lalli is not someone one can easily order around. She commands Preeto and Nimrat to throw Mahi out. Mahi picks up a bat and warns them to keep their distance from her. Mahi ek taraf, Lalli, Preeto aur Nimrat ek taraf. Then Mahi snatches their vadiyaan and runs away with it!

All ‘Dressed Up’


Mahi and Deshveer usually fight verbally, but here in this picture, the Sardarji who is holding onto his moustache with dear life is none other than Mahi herself. In a sports competition between Mahi and Deshveer’s families, Mahi finds herself at a disadvantage as Deshveer’s team is winning. She dresses up as a man and enters the Kabaddi tournament, defeating Deshveer to win the competition. This shows that Mahi can go to any limit and can face anyone without being scared.

She Can Take A Bullet For You


Yeah, she looks nervous here, but gun dekh ke kon nahi daarega? When Deshveer and Mahi discover a terrorist hideout, they decide to make them pay. Along with Preeto, they enter the house and somehow manage to keep the terrorists occupied until the cops arrive. When a baddie points a gun at Deshveer, Mahi jumps in and tries to distract him to save Deshveer. Dekha itni bahadar hai Mahi.

When Mahi Exposes Lalli


Lalli visits Mahi’s aunt Neelam’s beauty parlour. After getting a facial, Lalli starts cribbing about the service and also steals a lipstick from the parlour. When Lalli is leaving, Mahi appears and stops her. After a little argument, Mahi takes out the lipstick from Lalli’s bag, leaving her embarrassed.

She Believes In Truth


Here, Lalli is accusing Mahi of stealing her jewellery. She drags Mahi out of her house and insults her. Lalli has been keeping an account of Mahi’s insults and looking to take revenge on Mahi. However, Mahi is fearless. Even when Lalli threatens to call the cops, Mahi is ready to face them. However, with the help of Deshveer, Mahi is proven innocent and it is revealed that Preeto is the one who took the jewellery and sold it to Sundi.

Don’t Mess With Mahi


Lucky (Mahekdeep Singh) has tried to get close to Mahi several times. But she is smart enough to recognise his intentions and has rebuked him. In this photo, we see Lucky threatening Mahi with dire consequences if she doesn’t submit to him. But just look at Mahi! Does she look afraid? Mahi tells Lucky to back off and leave her shop.

So these are some moments that make our Mahi a diler kudi. What do you like most about Mahi? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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