IN PICS: Check Out The Different Moods Of The Vilayti Bhabhi Emily Aka Isha Gupta


June 9, 2020


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The First Impression


The Punjabi TV serial Vilayti Bhabhi’s Emily (Isha Gupta) is the soul of the show. The lives of the whole pind have come to revolve around her as she has taken the responsibility of grooming the people who want to emigrate to Canada. Emily has to look after many things in her role as Sandy’s wife, especially with his family. Here are some reactions that Emily has had to testing situations in the pind. 

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Here, Emily looks pretty in her wedding attire, all set to impress her mother-in-law, Nirmal (Damini K. Shetty), her great grandmother-in-law, Gulab (Sushma Prashant), and rest of the pindwale. You may thank Gulab for making Emily wear this dress as she insists that Sandy (Kanwalpreet Singh) and Emily should get married as per Sikh tradition. So Emily takes up the challenge to look like the perfect Punjaban.

Kya Kare?


Emily is not ready to support her darling hubby’s idea of starting an English grooming class. Sandy bhaiya is trying to convince the innocent Emily with his unique logic. Tabhi bechari pareshaan hai… kaise samjhaye inhe? 

The Horrified Realisation


Sandy and Nawab collect a lot of money from the villagers who want to join Emily’s classes. However, Emily doesn’t want to teach, and poor Nawab has to face the wrath of the angry villagers. When Emily finds out that she’s the reason for Nawab’s injured state, she apologises to him and agrees to teach.

Emily The Motivator


Binder (Charanpreet Kaur) is a poor soul who is married to a guy like Jackson (Mandeep Mani). Binder knows that her husband eyes firangans, and she wants to teach her hubby a lesson. Hence, Sandy and Emily come up with a plan where Binder is disguised as Emily’s cousin, Smiley. Here, Emily is seen motivating and consoling a scared Binder, who is afraid that the plan will fail. Emily khud andar se darri hui hai…but she supports Binder well.

‘Don’t Angry Me’


Emily’s biggest fear is that she will be a bad teacher, due to her lack of experience in the profession. Despite her fears, Emily is doing her job well, lekin jab pati-patni ke beech kaha-suni ho jaye toh kuch aise Emily avoid karti hai Sandy ko. Here Sandy is trying to make peace with Emily, but she’s not ready to listen to him. Emily ko gussa bhi aata hai. 

The Focused Look


Another admirable quality of Emily is that she is quite focused and has a clear plan for everything. She wants to help others and tries her best to make things easy for them, bhale woh Emily ki teaching main ho ya rishte nibhane main. This determined look makes you think you can trust her with anything.

Emily’s Jasoosi Dimag


Emily is not only focused, but she’s smart too. Here, Emily and her mother-in-law, Nirmal, are thinking of ways to kick out Nawab’s replacement. Emily considers Nawab to be her brother and she can’t bear to see anyone else taking his place. She also has her suspicions about the new servant — Jhurlun. So yeh saas-bahu ki planning chal rahi hai. 

So these are some moods of Emily and her reactions to challenging situations. Let us know your favourite moment of Emily in the comment section below.

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