IN PICS: 5 ‘Accidental’ Romantic Moments Between Mahi And Deshveer In Kamli Ishq Di


June 10, 2020


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1. The First Clash


The Punjabi TV show Kamli Ishq Di perfectly describes the term ‘opposites attract’. Deshveer Singh Randhawa (Jashn Kohli) and Mahi (Shehnaz Saher) love to fight and they are poles apart. Call it destiny, but whenever they come together, time seems to slow down and their hearts skip a beat. We got you list of all such moments. Scroll down to read on.

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When Mahi has created chaos in Lalli’s house and had a fight over badaam, she snatches their vadiyaan and runs away from their house. Mahi is running and suddenly she bumps into Deshveer. Now Deshveer is trying to sort things out and after a point Deshveer snatches the vadiyaan from Mahi, but due to her tight grip, Mahi falls on Deshveer. That’s the first time they feel the attraction between them.

2. It Happened Yet Again


Yes… this is the moment which shocked Lalli, Nimrat, Preeto, and even Deshveer. After Mahi cheats in the sports competition, Deshveer exposes her tactics to Mahi’s parents and they feel ashamed about it. To win back her father’s respect, Mahi decides to become Deshveer’s house help for two days. The next day, Deshveer is stretching his muscles and Lalli is getting a head massage, when Mahi appears and falls into Deshveer’s arms yet again.

3. When Time Stops


Mahi is preparing dinner for Deshveer’s family but she’s afraid they won’t like it. Deshveer and his family are waiting for food. After a while, Mahi’s brother comes to the rescue and guides her in the kitchen. However, Deshveer calls for food and Mahi drops chickpeas all over the kitchen. Deshveer comes in and slips on them. Mahi tries to catch him but they fall down together with Mahi on top, and time seems to freeze once again.

4. Deshveer Rescues Mahi


Here, Mahi is doing her job but she is lost in her own world. Deshveer sees that her hand is dangerously close to the lawn mower. He calls out but Mahi is still thinking about her father and how he was embarrassed because of her. Deshveer runs out, gets to the machine, and pushes her away.

5. The Spicy Moment


On a chilly night, Deshveer and his family are enjoying the heat of a bonfire. Nimrat is applying a face mask on Lalli and Deshveer orders Mahi to collect red chillies and keep them in the safe. Mahi is moving towards the house but a frustrated Preeto (Kamalpreet Nazm) pushes Mahi and throws all the chillies into the fire. Everyone’s eyes begin to burn. Deshveer tries to get water for Lalli but he comes across Mahi. Their eyes are closed but they can feel each other with their hands. That’s a romantic moment in itself!

So these are the moments where Deshveer and Mahi have some romantic moments where time seems to freeze. Let us know your favourite moment in the comments section below.

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