Imagining Black Widows In Paurashpur And How They Would Retaliate Against Its Misogynist King!

If the three Black Widows were in the kingdom of Paurashpur, will they murder the misogynist king like they murdered their husbands?

Vatsal Thakore

January 8, 2021



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Paurashpur and Black Widows, two of the latest additions in ZEE5’s list of kick-ass shows, are the ones that continue the saga of #WomenOnTop. Paurashpur is a show about a fictional kingdom in medieval India, where the Queen(s) take up the charge to overthrow the abusive and misogynist king. Black Widows is about three wives who, to get out of their abusive marriages, decide to kill their husbands. Since the shows walk parallelly in the same direction, we wondered what it would be like if the three women of Black Widows were in Paurashpur.

Veera (Mona Singh), Kavita (Shamita Shetty), and Jayati (Swastika Mukherjee) are the three wives in the show Black Widows. Where Veera and Swastika are calculative and serious, Kavita is a childlike person. Still, they all collectively could take up the shocking decision of killing their husbands in a boat, with a bomb!

If they were the queens of the sadist King Bhadrapratap in Paurashpur, they could very smartly and collectively team up to kill him, in just an equally dramatic way. The queens in Paurashpur were brave too, including the cold and political Queen Meerawati. But none of them could conjure up the courage to get Bhadrapratap killed for his abuses.

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However, we think, if Veera, Kavita, and Jayati could have taken over, they’d surely have gotten Bhadrapratap killed. But – when in Black Widows they did this, they did not think of all the consequences and got into huge trouble not only with the cops but also with a bigger corporate company. And if they did the same in Paurashpur, well… the consequences could be worse.

The division of power in both cases is not the same. But in Paurashpur, more forces than just the queens were up against the king – Boris, Veer, and the rival kingdom. A team-up of the black widows with them would be a lot more explosive! And the absence of pen drives with company secrets and crores of money would be more relief to them.

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