If You Are Attracted To Studs, Sriimurali’s Role In Mufti Is Your Kind Of Life Partner

Points 3 and 7 are absolutely must-haves in our partners for us. What does your checklist say?

Parinika Uchil

July 6, 2019


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When it comes to a life partner, many like to tread the cautious route, owing to the progressive times. If not anything else, the fear of separation is what forbids us to trust anyone romantically. On that note, have you ever made a checklist for the kind of life partner you wanted? I personally like guys who have the rough-and-tough look going because such men have a strong personality. Someone like Ganaa from the blockbuster film Mufti, for example, will be ideal as my life partner. Namma Roaring Star Sriimurali has splendidly performed as Ganaa and has created a character that every woman wants to have in her life. With me so far?

If you haven’t seen Ganaa’s rugged persona yet, watch this movie right now:

Sriimurali is an inspiration because of the kind of relatable roles he picks up. While women are wooed by his rugged handsomeness, men get motivated with the way he maintains himself. His character in Mufti, in particular, has been the talk of the town. Minimal dialogues and more action sequences are his forte which he enjoys thoroughly. If you are still confused if Ganaa is your kind of life-partner, it’s time to tick-off a few things from your happily ever after checklist.

1. Mental Strength = Stable Relationship

Ganaa Ties His Shoe Laces Calmly After Beating A Miscreant In Mufti
Ganaa Ties His Shoe Laces Calmly After Beating A Miscreant In Mufti

Ganaa is mentally very strong and can handle gory situations calmly. Women are generally more anxious and stressed than men because of their ability to think about a million things at one time. In such cases, a man like Ganaa will suit you perfectly as he will have the patience to deal with your problems one at a time and with ease.

2. Less Talk = More Actions

Another thing that Ganaa is good at is speaking only when important. In most cases, a woman vents out her frustration not because she wants a solution to her problem, but so that she is heard. A partner like Ganaa will be perfect because he’ll always be there to hear you out.

3. Protective Partner = Security For Life

Sriimurali And Shanvi Srivastava In A Still From Mufti
Sriimurali And Shanvi Srivastava In A Still From Mufti

When Raksha finds herself in serious trouble, Ganaa comes to her aid. Wouldn’t you just love a man who feels protective of you and is there at your every beck and call? I know I totally would.

4. Fighting For Social Injustice = True At Heart

Even though he is an undercover cop in Mufti, Ganaa can hardly stand any social injustice in front of him. Whenever he does come across such a situation, he does all in his capacity and more to make sure that less-abled people are unharmed. If you are dating someone like him, be rest assured, neither will he let anything wrong happen to you nor to anyone around you.

5. In The Civil Services = Able-Bodied

Sriimurali In A Still From Mufti
Sriimurali In A Still From Mufti

As mentioned above, Ganaa is in the police force. Isn’t that the best news you have heard all day? Having a partner in the civil forces or even in the armed forces is a matter of pride. Furthermore, these soldiers are trained intensively before they are posted into a job, so your handsome mate has all the fitness levels checked. If you aren’t as fit, he’ll bring you right on track soon enough!

6. Respect For Elders = Well-Behaved

Despite posing to be a goon to earn Bhairathi’s trust, Ganaa has never mistreated any elderly people in the movie. He respects elders, something women tend to find lacking in most men. This quality makes him the perfect family man.

7. Giving Quality Time = Respect For You

Shanvi Srivastava And Sriimurali In A Still From Mufti
Shanvi Srivastava And Sriimurali In A Still From Mufti

Raksha’s happiest moment in the film is when Ganaa comes to meet her despite being in the middle of something important. It may be of the least importance for them, but they still appear for you if they find the slightest urgency in your voice. That’s the best quality of a life partner.

If you have already found someone like Mufti‘s Ganaa, DO NOT let him go. These kind of men are few and probably the best thing that has happened to you.

Don’t forget to share with us your checklists for an ideal life partner. Your responses are eagerly awaited in the comments section below. Craving for more of Sriimurali on ZEE5? Click here. 

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