If You Are A Voracious Reader Like Iniya Iru Malargal’s Sriti Jha, Check Out These 5 Books

The actress’ Instagram posts are all about pictures of books that she has been reading.

June 4, 2019


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“Think before you speak. Read before you think.” Reading for some is a habit, for some, it is just an activity to pass the time. But for some reading is more a part of their personality, as in they cannot just be separated and for Sriti Jha, this holds true. Sriti Jha or Pragya, as we better know her from Iniya Iru Malargal that airs on Zee Tamil, is, without doubt, a talented actress who has won the hearts of viewers from across the globe.

Watch Sriti Jha playing the part of Pragya in the show Iniya Iru Malargal.

Her Instagram posts are filled with pictures of the books that she has been reading and activities related to books that she does.

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Thank you @sharinb @anuyeah @booksontoast for the stage, the seat and the mic. Met happy jitters after such a long time. I am so glad I shared ‘Maine haathon mein chudiyaan pehen Rakhi hain’ on #storiesontoast. This piece is the closest to my heart. So thank you guys!!! Sharin and anuya -you guys are just amazing!!!🤗🤗 Also thank you everyone who was there-audience and performers. Such interesting and engaging stories and such a wonderful audience. And most of all Thank you @kunalkarankapoor for the cue cards😬 This shall remain one of my favourite moments. My first attempt at #spokenword 😬 Thank you everyone else for the wishes because I needed all of them and they helped so much! Bas ho gaya Ok bye 👋🏻 #storiesontoast

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So, if enjoy reading books like Sriti, here’s a list of five titles that are recommended based on the actress’ reading list. Take a look…

1. Neverwhere: Published in 1997, Neverwhere is a dark but gripping novel about the trials and tribulations of a young businessman, written by Neil Gaiman.

2. The Sense of An Ending: A novel written by the British author Julian Barnes. Published in 2011 this book narrates the story of a retired man and his reflections of his past life.

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I had to re-read this one as a part of my booker reading marathon. This is one of my favourite books of all times. Urban loneliness is one of my favourite motifs in literature in general. So it’s philosophically self evident why I read this book over and over again, and love it more each time. I have finished this book in less than two days(and while I am working) Mostly because of its form. It’s in first person narrative, so it’s more like having a chat with the storyteller It’s compliacated in its thought. Urban loneliness is the dominating motif, and is being discovered/discussed philosophically. So read at your own risk… could cause a lot of damage if you’re not going through the best of times. But don’t we all like to read things that cracks a little bit of our belief systems. It’s about helpless remorse of not being able to get it It’s about Tony Webster recounting and old affair, discovering we do tamper with facts when we tell our stories… even when we’re telling it to ourselves. #manbooker50thanniversary #manbooker50 #julianbarnes #thesenseofanending #bookstagram

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3. The Outsider: A horror novel by the celebrated American author Stephen King. The story revolves around the murder investigation of an eleven-year-old boy who is found dead.

4. Poonachi: Permaul Murugan, is a Tamil writer, whose novel ‘One Part Woman’ created a stir in the country and was banned and burnt. Poonachi is a comeback statement by the writer. For this is the tale of an orphaned black goat set against the backdrop of social commentary.

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Poonachi by Perumal Murugan might just be the book that has got me most uncomfortable in all my life. It’s a black goat’s tale, it grows from cute to horridly morose… there’s been a popular comparison between Poonachi and animal farm. Let me warn you animal farm had comic relief even though it projected the darkest side of our social structure. Poonachi doesn’t have that. It begins as a tale of this puny little black doe… becomes a tale of love and loss of the kind human beings could never imagine It reminded me a lot of #lovesonia. Both these stories made my stomach turn. It’s dark DARK DARK!!! Since it’s a translation- the words/sentences might get too simple. The pace of storytelling is slow. It’s very disturbing – read at your own risk #jcbreadingchallenge #jcbprizelonglist #poonachi

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5. A Wild Sheep Chase: A novel by the famous Japanese author Haruki Murakami, it explores the Japanese cultural identities post World War II.

Have you read any of these books? Let us know your favourite one in the comments below!

Also, in case you missed out on any episodes of your favourite show, catch it streaming on ZEE5.

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