Director Nandakumar On Husi Nagu: I Wanted It To Be Entertaining And Politically Correct

The ZEE5 Original series was made in Tamil first. Find out the intention of the director behind making a woman-centric web series.

Parinika Uchil

May 8, 2019

Original Series

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Originally made as Kallachirripu in Tamil, Husi Nagu is a beautifully crafted dubbed Kannada version. For those of you who don’t know, Husi Nagu is a thriller intended to keep you alert on your toes, to say the least. Have you ever had a heart-sink ( a scene where your heart sinks for a second)? Husi Nagu has those too. Starring Amrutha Srinivasan as the lead, the web series is about Mahati, a woman is sort-of forced to get married, even if for six months. In that time, she manages to accidentally kill her husband. With each passing episode, the true face of each character in the story is revealed.

Director Rohit Nandakumar, who has played the role of Mahati’s affair Indra, has done a fab job in this series of eight episodes. During the release of the show, a leading daily interviewed the director to learn about his intention behind Kallachirrupu, (Husi Nagu) in Kannada. When asked what his idea was, he said, “The women in my life have been very practical, but the women represented so far in films have been very impractical and seem romanticised. I wanted the woman to be very cold and a hard pill to swallow for the audience. That is the kind of human beings we meet in real life.”

So how did it all begin? Rohit said, “The first intention was to do a story that revolved around a woman.” The director immediately accepted that ‘this’ idea itself was a huge roadblock, market-wise, in the industry. Additionally, he claimed that since the market dictates certain things, it was important for him to give in to certain market pressures, for the series to come out the way he wanted.

The Husi Nagu actor and director continued by emphasizing the fact that he went against the social norm and wanted the society, or in other words ‘viewers’, to watch the show without any gender bias. Coming to the homosexual aspect, it was important for Rohit to make it a heartwarming homosexual love story rather than the usual comic way the LGBT community is portrayed. “It is so ingrained in our mind that the perfect image of cinema is a straight romance. To break that perfect image also I wanted to explore the homosexual angle.”

Next, the director’s insight into using something known as a non-linear narrative structure, which basically means a disrupted story arranged to intrigue viewers for more, was discussed in the interview too. “The advantage of the non-linear technique is that I could actually make it seem like we were reading a random page of a book to know what is happening in a next page. It is like a footnote for a word, which gives a backstory. All these elements came into the picture when I was writing the dialogue. I realised that the nonlinear technique can give me so much leeway to convey the politics in my mind organically.”

Lastly, Rohit claimed to have taken inspiration from mainstream cinema to create a masterpiece like Kallachirripu aka Husi Nagu. He said, “I wanted it to be entertaining and politically correct. That is where the influence of cinema helped me.”

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