I Am Actually A Romantic At Heart, Love Stories Are My Guilty Pleasure: Ridhima Ghosh

Walking hand-in-hand with husband Gaurav in Victoria, getting wet in the rain…The ZEE5 Original Bhalobashar Shohor-Pori actor lists her favourites.

Promita Mukherjee

October 23, 2019


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An intern at an advertising agency who is wizard with words pretends to be Victoria Memoria’s pori as instructed by her seniors to save her job. Their intention? To make a fool of a colleague – a dreamy artist Aditya (played by Gaurav Chakrabarty) – who the seniors hate. But Torsha (played by Ridhima Ghosh) ends up falling in love with Aditya and is tormented by the guilt. Will she be able to tell Aditya her reality? You will have to watch the ZEE5 Original film Bhalobashar Shohor – Pori to find out. We caught up with Loreto House girl Ridhima over a long chat about what it felt like romancing her husband on screen, becoming a pori and much more and found out some really interesting things about the actor. Scroll down to read the edited excerpts:

Q. What made you sign up for ZEE5 Original film Bhalobashar Shohor – Pori?

A. Firstly, the story. I found it really interesting. Nowadays, we don’t really get to see a lot of love stories. I miss watching love stories. I have grown up watching them. When I watched love stories on screen, they made me actually believe in love. Nowadays, it’s mostly thrillers and all that’s happening which is also great. But I am a romantic at heart. Obviously to be a part of a love story, and that too a fairytale love story – that was the first reason I said yes to the film. Also, I was super lucky because I was being a part of this love story with my husband. Plus, the film was being directed by two of my friends – Aritra and Rohan. So, there was no reason to say no.

Ridhima Ghosh and Gaurav Chakrabarty in Bhalobashar Shohor – Pori (Source: ZEE5)

Q. What are your favourite love stories?

A. In films, there are loads. I love watching those love stories which make you cry. That’s like my guilty pleasure. My favourite love stories right now include movies like A Walk To Remember and The Notebook.

Q. How did you prepare for the role of Torsha?

A. I didn’t really prepare as such. Yes, my character was a little complicated because I was living in two different zones – one was reality and the other was the image that was created. So that was difficult because there was a very fine line of building that illusion (that of a fairy) and coming back to reality. But yeah, I actually do not like to think too much about what I have to do, because I believe in that moment. So, I didn’t really do too much prepwork and homework. I just believed in those moments and the scenes I was doing.

Ridhima Ghosh in a scene from the film (Source: ZEE5)

Q. Are you anything like Torsha in real life?

A. That she wants to make her dreams come true and is ready to work hard for it. That part of Torsha is me.

Q. How was the experience of romancing your real-life husband on screen?

A. Both of us actually met on the sets of Gaurav’s first movie Rong Milanti. We were paired opposite each other. There also we were romancing each other on screen and that’s how our love story began. After that, we have done quite a few films and projects where we were opposite each other. Then there was this gap. After four years, we are actually again romancing each other on screen. That was special. It actually made it easier. In those scenes where I was the pori and he was Aditya, we didn’t have to do too much acting. We just behaved. We were just living the characters at that time.

 Q. Have you both ever dated in Victoria Memorial?

A. For our films, yes. In real-life, no. So I actually missed going to Victoria or even to the Maidan or having fuchka or ice cream there or going on a ghoda gari ride. We don’t get to do these. That’s why I love the profession that we are in. You get to do everything that you actually maybe wish for. And also it is documented so you can relive those moments. I am really thankful because I never thought I would be able to walk hand-in-hand with Gaurav inside Victoria Memorial. But we did that. And it is not cheesy when we see it on screen. But if I talk about it in real life to my friends, they will find it super cheesy.

Ridhima and Gaurav in a moment from the film (Source: ZEE5)

Q. The movie has a few magical moments. Which are your favourites?

A. All those sequences where the pori is asking for wishes and Aditya is making them come true, are all very close to my heart. It’s very difficult to just choose one. It is more special to me because it is Gaurav. I still remember when we were shooting the sequence, the first scene shot is where he goes to the terrace and makes me see the entire city through the bioscope. I remember it was a chaotic shoot – there was crazy wind and suddenly it started raining and I remember telling Gaurav that I think I am falling in love with you again. We usually do not talk like this. Whatever we did, we actually did from our hearts. We didn’t have to put in an effort to get that twinkle in our eyes. We just had to know our lines. Also, we have never actually gotten wet in the rain like that where you have a rain machine and you are getting wet in the rain with your loved one. Even though it’s for the camera, but it was still special.

Gaurav and Ridhima in the ZEE5 Original (Source: ZEE5)

Q. What do you think makes Kolkata bhalobashar shohor?

A. I love other cities too, but Kolkata is my favourite because this is the city I am born in and it has shaped me into becoming the person I am. It has witnessed all my firsts – school, love, going to a movie theatre… It will always have a special place in my heart. I am happy and lucky to have Kolkata as my bhalobashar shohor because Kolkata is so culturally rich. There is so much of history, culture, warmth and love which other cities lack to some extent. But that’s how I feel about my city.

Q. What are your favourite dating spots in Kolkata?

A. I am a big foodie and love trying out different restaurants. But I can’t just choose one. Kolkata and food are very closely connected. I think you get the best food in Kolkata anyway. Also, both Gaurav and I love watching movies. We make it a point to at least watch one movie at the theatre every week. Also, sometimes when we are really tied up with work and don’t get too much time with each other, we make it a point to listen to good music and go on a drive. That is dating for us.

Q. What are your future projects?

A. I am starting a film with director Srijit Mukherji. I also just finished shooting for Mafia for ZEE5.

Liked watching Ridhima in Bhalobashar Shohor – Pori? You can also watch her in Akash Choan on ZEE5.

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