Hyderabad Rains: City Looks Like A River After More Than 100 Hours Of Incessant Showers

As more rains are predicted till Wednesday, property damage worth Rs. 9000 Crores is estimated due to the incessant showers till now

Raghav N

October 19, 2020

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Hyderabad is facing its worst October rains in a century with major parts of the smart city under water. With more than 100 hours of incessant showers, the Telangana capital is in shambles. In the photos and videos that have emerged online, it looks like the city has turned into a river with vehicles flowing along with it. For the second time in the last 4 days, more than 150 millimetres of rains have been recorded, as lanes are filled with water up to 4 feet in many areas.

Old Hyderabad is particularly in a disastrous condition with severe damage to property in Lal Darwaza, Aliyabad, Shamsherganj, Gazi Millat and Al Zuber Colony. There is debris all over the streets and hardly any provision for people to walk through.

As the Musi River that divides the old and new part of the high-tech city started overflowing, the administration had to shut down roads to control the situation.

According to reports, more than 50 people have lost their lives till now and a monetary loss of over 9000 crore rupees has been assessed due to the rains.

The blame game is on in the state with the Congress calling out Telangana Chief Minister Chandrashekar Rao for missing in action during such a calamity.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted rains till Wednesday along with thunderstorms and lightening.

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