Huliraya: Did You Face The Same Problems As Suressa When You Newly Moved To The City?

One of Balu Nagendra’s best, this film will make you nostalgic with the challenges you must have gone through when you first moved to a big city.

Parinika Uchil

July 2, 2019


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If thriller-dramas is your style of movies, then Aravind Kaushik’s Huliraya will probably top your favourite list. With a comparatively new cast, the crew managed to add all the necessary elements in making the movie successful. Aravind’s good friend Balu Nagendra plays the protagonist in the film. The role is that of a simpleton. Suressa, who is born and brought up in the interiors of a forest in Karnataka, is a man who is content with what he has.

Watch the movie here to see how Suressa tries to cope with the city:

Due to certain unavoidable circumstances, he is forced to move to the city to find better work opportunities so that he can support his family. Unfortunately, the lifestyle and pace of Bengaluru not only scares him but drives him back to the forest more than once. Let’s now look at a few of Suressa’s obstacles that you too might have faced when you first moved to the big city.

1. Change in lifestyle

As mentioned earlier, a lifestyle change can make a huge difference to many who come from either a village or a small town. Furthermore, they have difficulty in adapting to the sudden change in attires or the sudden increase of vehicles around etc. Suressa too couldn’t comprehend the way the city functioned.

2. Fast-paced as compared to a rural area or town

A Still Of Suressa In Bengaluru
A Still Of Suressa In Bengaluru

Unlike a small town or village, things are quite fast paced in a city. There is a set schedule for traffic accumulation as well as for organisations to function without a glitch. Many who come from lesser populated places, often tend to get lost because the momentum of life goes up a notch.

3. Financially challenging

Almost everything in cities is about money. Every ten steps there will be either a prospective businessman or an established one. An expensive necessity is finding the right kind of home for yourself. Not only are the rates alarming as compared to a town or village, but it gets difficult for many to fend for themselves with such high prices.

4. Social challenges

A Still From The Film
A Still From The Film

With different cultural backgrounds, a person from a small town or village might find it extremely difficult to mingle. Just like Suressa, the difference in the dialect often causes many people to be less interactive with their peers. This social awkwardness later ends up either in introversion or fear.

5. Homesick

A Still From The Film When Suressa Misses His Kaadu
A Still From The Film When Suressa Misses His Kaadu

While all the above must be challenging enough, there is the feeling of homesickness that just blocks out your motive in the first place. Home food, abundant love from your family and the way of life cause severe nostalgia that ends up making you feel homesick. Nothing else feels important anymore and you just want to go back home.

Life is all about moving forward to achieve the goal you set out to do. Whenever things feel glum, take a deep breath and remember your family loves you more than you know. Also, don’t forget that their blessings and good wishes are always with you. So, make sure to hang on until you personally meet success. The rest doesn’t matter. On that note, we sincerely hope that you have made way for adaptation by now if you too have moved recently.

How did Balu Nagendra perform as an outcast in the city? Your comments are eagerly awaited in the comments space below.

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