Hug Day: Cherishing some of the sweetest on-screen hugs from Jersey, Bommarillu and more

Celebrate Hug Day with some of the sweetest hugs from movies like Jersey and Bommarillu!

Bhavna Gandikota

February 12, 2021


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Everybody loves the warm and fuzzy feeling that a hug gives you. There aren’t a lot of people who would resent hugs, since it is the purest form of affection. While we celebrate hugs as an expression of love on Hug Day, we decided to look back at the sweetest hugs on screen! From Sarah and Arjun in Jersey to Siddu and Hasini in Bommarillu, here are a few of the most beautiful on-screen hugs.

1. Sarah and Arjun in Jersey

The Nani and Shradha Shrinath starrer Jersey was critically acclaimed and loved by the masses alike. One of the reasons for this was the chemistry shared by Shraddha Shrinath and Nani as Sarah and Arjun. When she gets annoyed at Nani for being more bothered about his food, Nani pulls her close and hugs her. Can it get sweeter?

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2. Nithya and Gautham in Ala Modalaindi

Ala Modalaindi starring Nani and Nithya Menen can be only described as a heartfelt rollercoaster ride. When Gautham and Nithya finally hug each other after a long separation and a series of misunderstandings, you can’t help but smile!

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3. Siddu and Hasini in Bommarillu

 Siddharth and Genelia Deshmukh were certainly one of the cutest couples on-screen, and Bommarillu was proof of the same. When Siddu’s family finally accepts Hasini and goes to her house to apologise to her, she refuses to hug Siddu, who then pulls her leg by pretending to call her father. This moment will certainly melt your heart and make you laugh at the same time.
Source: ZEE5
4. Ram and Sita in Godavari

The simplicity and beauty of the Sumanth and Kamalinee Mukherjee starrer Godavari will have you in awe. When Sita Mahalakshmi is finally approached by Ram in Hyderabad, she lays out a series of endearing conditions before they can get married. When Ram accepts all of them, their hug marks the end of a heartfelt love story.

Source: ZEE5

5. Amrutha and Ram Babu/ Mahesh in Ashta Chamma

Ashta Chamma starring Nani as Ram Babu and Swathi as Lavanya is by far one of the most hilarious yet sweetest movies. Towards the end of the movie when Swathi’s aunt finds out that Ram Babu is Amrutha’s son and calls her up, Amrutha is finally reunited with her long-lost son and they hug while melting our hearts.

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