Huawei Collaborates With Megvii To Test AI Software For Identifying Uighur Muslims

According to reports, Chinese telecom giant Huawei tested Artificial Intelligence software that could identify Uighur minorities to alert government authorities. Read on.

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December 9, 2020

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Chinese technology Huawei has reportedly tested an artificial intelligence (AI) which could possibly identify the faces of Uighur Muslim minorities and send an alert to the Chinese authorities. The internal reports that have been provided by the Washington Post are the latest that reveal China’s crackdown to oppress the minortiy population. The internal documents discovered by a research organization named IPVN reveal information about Huawei’s work on the new technology.

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According to these documents, the Chinese tech giant works with a facial recognition start up named Megvii to test an Artifical Intelligence camera system that would scan faces in a crowd and estimate each person’s age, sex and ethnicity. The documents reveal that if the system detects the face an Uighur community member, then an ‘Uighur alarm’ would be triggered which would potentially flag them for the Chinese police forces.

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Human Rights activists have said that such techonlogy has gained an ‘expanding role’ among police departments in China. According to the Washington Post, both the companies (Huawei and Megvii) have acknowledged the document to be real but some of the representatives from Huawei have said that the report is simply a test.

China has been facing a lot of criticism over its persecution of the minority muslims. Reportedly, a huge number of Uighur Muslim are held in internment camps in China where they are allegedly facing a lot of psychological torture. According to an United Nations report, more than one million Uighur Muslim could be detained in China right now where they are said to be a part of a ‘re-educatinon program’.

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According to the reports, mass terrorization, forced abortions and mandatory birth controls are some of the several extreme measures forced upon these inhabitants by the Chinese administration which affects at least 1.5 million people. The reports have also revaled that China’s treatment towards these minority communities can be deemed as genocide as per the term’s defined by the United Nations.

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