How Will Trishul Continue To Fight For His Love In The Twisted Tale Of Naagini 2?

See how Shivani is caught up in the confusion of who Adisesha really is to her!


August 16, 2020


3 min


In the previous episodes of Naagini 2, we see that Digvijay has decided to get Trivikrama married. When Shivani comes to know about the same, she panics and asks Neeli what they must do next. Neeli tells her that they are not able to do anything at that moment because the woman with whom they have fixed an arrangement is already in their house. Neeli also tries to calm her down and tells her that they are only in talks and nothing has been finalised as yet.

Here’s what to look forward to!

Shivani and Trivikrama have decided to go to the temple together. While Shivani is still confused as to who her Adisesha really is, she takes things forward with Trivikrama instead of Trishul. There are also certain changes that are coming about since Trivikrama met Shivani. Not only has he started believing in God, but he has also realised what it means to care for someone. We also see that Digvijay and the rest of the family are taken aback to see that he has woken up early and gotten ready for the rest of the day. However, it will also be interesting to see how Trishul will continue to fight for his love.

Trivikrama and Shivani meet
Trivikrama and Shivani meet

Recently, we also see that Trishul has been getting certain dreams where he sees himself standing in front of a big Shiva idol. Every night, he is placed right in front of the idol and he does not even seem to know where he is. This makes us wonder if this is a sign to tell us that Trishul is the one who is Adisesha and not really Trivikrama? Well, we can’t wait to see what happens next. Apart from this, we see Trishul and Trivikrama lost in their own thought as they think of spending the rest of their life with Shivani. However, they both are unaware of the fact that they like the same girl. As we are also aware of the fact that they have been childhood friends, what really keeps us at the edge of our seat is to see if these romantic feelings will come in the way of their friendship.

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