How Will Jinping React To The Chinese Praising Modi?

A poll was conducted by a leading Chinese newspaper where Modi was much praised by the people of China

Raghav N

August 28, 2020

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As India intensifies its defence capabilities against China and Pakistan, an interesting insight into the opinion of the general public in China has emerged through a survey. Much to the dismay of China supremo Xi Jinping, the poll conducted by a leading publication in his country reveals that 51% of its population praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. Also, 70% of the Chinese population is unhappy with their country’s interference and transgression into India.

Chinese industries with interests in India have been severely affected in the last few months. Tech companies like Huawei are justifying their loyalty by spending lakhs on advertising in India and stressing that they have given great consumer experiences over the 20 years of their existence here. A tribute was also paid by the Chinese, praising Dr. Dwarakanath Kotnis recently, for his contribution to their nation.

Meanwhile, the Modi government is unstoppable in their quest to make India capable to take on any world power. India is acquiring two more Israel made Phalcon Airborne and Early Warning Control Systems (AWACS). The Indian Air Force (IAF) will operate these AWACS that have the capability to differentiate between friendly and fighter jets and can spot opponent planes before the ground-based radar system. While India will have a total of five AWACS with this deal, Pakistan has 7 of these jets and China has 28.

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