How Well Do You Know The Real Story Of Jodha Akbar? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

Janhvi Sharma

July 31, 2020


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Jodha Akbar Quiz: Binge watch Jodha Akbar to know more about the historic period drama


Zee TV’s Jodha Akbar is an Indian historical fiction drama show which starred Rajat Tokas and Paridhi Sharma in the lead roles. The story of the show revolved around a political marriage between a royal couple (Jodha and Akbar) who are from different religions. Slowly and gradually their love changed the fate of the nation. Jodha Akbar was one of the most expensive TV serials produced in the industry by Ekta Kapoor and showcased the perfect essence of that times. Right from costumes, sets to jewellery, everything was larger than life. The show won hearts of the viewers across India. Let’s take a quiz to know if you know the real story of Mughal emperor Akbar and Rajput princess Jodha Bai!

Jodha Akbar Quiz: Jodha gave which priceless gift to Akbar?


a) an heir

b) jewellery

c) kingdom

Jodha Akbar Quiz: Jodha was Akbar’s wife?


a) True

b) False

c) May be

Jodha Akbar Quiz: Akbar’s which queen received exclusive privilege of the emperor?


a) Ruqaiyya Begum
b) Salima Sultan
c) Jodha

Jodha Akbar Quiz: What is the name of Jodha and Akbar’s first born?


a) Murad Mirza

b) Prince Salim

c) Daniyal Mirza

Jodha Akbar Quiz: Jodha was the devotee of?


a) Lord Rama

b) Lord Krishna

c) Lord Hanuman

Jodha Akbar Quiz: Akbar’s fondness led him to


a) Accept Hindu rituals

b) build empire

c) build mosques

Jodha Akbar Quiz: Which of Akbar’s wives was Jodha?


a) Third

b) Fifth

c) First

Jodha Akbar Quiz: Where did Jodha and Akbar get married?


a) Sambhar, Jaipur

b) Rajput kingdoms

c) Rajasthan

Jodha Akbar Quiz: Akbar and Jodha’s marriage was used for?


a) political gain

b) financial gain

c) popularity within the empire

Jodha Akbar Quiz: What was Jodha’s name after her marriage with Akbar?


a) Jodhabai

b) Jodha

c) Mariam uz- Zamani

Here are the answers


1. Heir
2. True
3. Jodha
4. Prince Salim
5. Lord Krishna
6. Accept Hindu rituals
7. Third
8. Sambhar, Jaipur
9. political gain
10. Mariam uz- Zamani

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