How The Opening Of Soodhu Kaavum Sets the Tone Of Conflict

Soodhum Kaavum sets the expectation of the audience about the flow of the plot in the opening scene itself.

June 16, 2019


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Comedy has no doubt been an effective tool for filmmakers to explore and comment on social problems. But proper use of comedy and satire is not always an easy task. In the context of the above notion, Soodhu Kaavum that is available on ZEE5 makes an efficient attempt at fitting the correct pieces of a story into a perfectly woven theme.

Watch the struggle between the good and the bad in the movie Soodhu Kaavum.

Soodhu Kavvum is a dark comedy. Now, as the definition of a dark comedy goes, it is a comic style that creates a light air about issues that have significant and serious implications. Speaking within this framework, this movie sets the expectation about the flow of the plot in the opening scene itself. This is the scene where Pagalavan, played by the actor Bobby Simha has come to stay with his friend Kesavan, a character essayed by the actor Ashok Selvan and his roommate Sekhar, played by actor, Ramesh Thilak.

Bobby Simha
A still from Soodhu Kaavum streaming on ZEE5

The very room where these three characters are introduced is a bleak and dingy room. This set up gives us the feel of poor economic conditions and helplessness. Further, the fact that Sekhar forgets to lock the door of their house, the previous night, which allows Pagalavan to enter the room uninvited is amusing but not surprising. As it establishes the fact that Sekhar and Kesavan have very less to care about in their house. Even the reaction that Kesavan shows when he sees someone whose face is covered with a newspaper is lying on his bed is also funny because it is not fear and shock that he depicts but it is curiosity.

Pagalavan, Kesavan and Sekhar
A still from Soodhu Kaavum streaming on ZEE5

The fact that these three individuals have very less to care about also forms the base of their quick friendship and sets the further tone of the movie. Through the course of the film, you would notice that it is this error in their decisions that also leads to the conflicts of the movie. So, it would not be a far-fetched claim if one were to say that when the viewers watch the first scene of the movie they would know exactly how the movement of the story would be. But this doesn’t mean that the story is predictable. In fact, the story has its own set of surprises and twists.

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