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How Should Meera Handle A Dominating Boss Like Aditya In Aamhi Doghi?

Manjiri Shete

December 2, 2019

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In the TV show, we have seen Aditya bullying everyone in his office. Here are ways Meera can deal with him.

When love transforms into hate, there are no boundaries that one can keep. We learnt this from the famous love triangle of Madhura, Aditya and Meera in Aamhi Doghi. After Meera got married to someone else, a hurt Aditya decided to take revenge on Meera while showing his villainous side. Even though Meera and Madhura have buried their hatchet, Aditya is nowhere close to becoming friends with Meera or Madhura. Along with that, his behaviour in office has also worsened as he is always seen screaming and shouting at the colleagues. In such a scenario, what should Meera be doing?

Watch the episode of Aamhi Doghi below:

As Aamhi Doghi began Aditya and Meera became our most favourite couple. We loved to see their wavelengths matching each other. The chemistry between them had the sparks flying as we hoped they would get married. But, as destiny would have it, Meera got married to someone else and Aditya sought to get his revenge from her. In the bid to do that, he even became the boss of Meera’s company as he now treats people badly. In this situation, a helpless Meera could control Aditya’s tantrums by submitting her work on time and only talking to him when required.

scene from Aamhi Doghi
Source: ZEE5

Meera shouldn’t show Aditya that she is afraid of approaching him, as this he could bully her and other employees even more. He is always shouting at Mr Kinkare for no reason. It is best for everyone to get together and bring it to Aditya’s notice because he can’t be treating his employees the way he does.

What do you think about the above points of dealing with Aditya? Let us know in the comments if you want to add any more to the ones above.

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