How Music Like That From Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Season 17 Can Help Your Mental Wellbeing

Here’s how music can help your emotional wellbeing in ways that you could not imagine!


September 6, 2020


3 min


We are all more than happy that Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Season 17 has taken place as we could all use some music during such difficult times. Music has the ability to make us dance like no one is watching as different music affects everybody uniquely. It is also no discovery that music has an inevitable way of touching your mind, soul and body. Having said that, here are five benefits music is said to have on our brains!

Elevate Your mood 

Mental wellbeing has an inverse relationship with positive feelings. Playing an uplifting and melodious song as loud as you can in the background can make you forget all your worries if you’re having a really bad day. Fast-paced music like those sung by Kiran Patil or Asha Bhat can get your brain and body moving, making you motivated to enjoy the rest of the day.

Reduces Stress

Whether it is playing in the background or you’re actually watching something that is playing, certain genres of music have the innate ability to reduce stress. However, what makes this even more perfect is the fact that each genre connects differently to listeners and can be soothing to different types of people.

A still of Asha Bhat from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa S17

Improve Focus

One of the many great benefits of music is that it helps in carrying forward everyday activities. Trying to concentrate on an activity—whether that be studying, working or cleaning can be effortless with music playing in the background. Listening to instrumental, classical or ambient music like the ones performed in the show can surely help!


Everyone enjoys relaxing and switching off their mind at the end of a long day. Playing music is a simple way of relaxation as it releases tension in the body and any kind of stress or anxiety that you might be experiencing.

Reduce Anxiety And Depression

Understanding how music affects your emotions goes a long way to help ease anxious and depressive thoughts. Music Therapy has become a popular form of treating anxiety and depression wherein listening and composing therapeutic music can help in promoting physical and mental rehabilitation.

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