How Many Secrets Of UP’s Criminal-Politician Nexus Have Died With Vikas Dubey?

The gangster’s testimonies could have opened a can of worms in the state.

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July 13, 2020

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On the morning of July 10, Vikas Dubey was killed in an encounter with the Kanpur Police, who were bringing him back to Uttar Pradesh after nabbing him in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. The gangster, who had several cases registered against him, had managed to escape an arrest after his men had ambushed a group of policemen in an attack that led to the death of eight police officials. Following the incident, a number of senior officers were suspended pending an inquiry into the possibilities of them having deep links with Dubey’s gang.

Things had started to look fishy since then as there was no way that Dubey was not helped by someone in the force. Moreover, before July 3, which was supposed to be the day of his arrest, the gangster had around 60 criminal cases registered against him, including one regarding the murder of a Minister of State while inside a police station. There are hence strong chances that the politicians were helping him thrive all these years. His arrest and the subsequent questioning could have implicated a number of influential politicians.

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