Want To Make Science Fun For Your Kids? Science With Brain Cafe Will Keep Your Kids Glued!

With ZEE5’s #HarTarahSeChampionBano, watch Science with Brain Cafe to get your child to understand concepts they learn in school science

Kenneth Carneiro

September 3, 2020


2 min


During the Covid-19 lockdown, most of our lives have been put on hold. While your child might be going to school online it’s important to ensure that they remain interested in what they are learning. ZEE5 Kids is a hub for entertaining your child with cartoons and animated shows but is also a good option for educating your child in a fun manner.

Watch an episode of Science with Brain Cafe where they explain the concepts of lights and mirrors with fun experiments.

Shakti Arora and his Uncle H2O (Rakesh Bedi) make science fun for kids to understand. This series breaks down scientific concepts that your child will learn in school science textbooks and shows the practical uses of those concepts in real life. These 26 episodes will teach your kids multiple topics including magnets, light, sound, force, electricity and robotics.

Rakesh Bedi and Shakti Arora’s fun lighthearted banter will help your child pay attention to the concepts. You will soon be testing your kid’s knowledge after they take their notes while watching ZEE5.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive guide to help your child’s education under lockdown, Buy a ZEE5 premium pack worth Rs. 999 and get a free yearly subscription to Eduauraa. This e-learning platform complements your child’s school curriculum and is a great way to access world-class education from experienced and qualified mentors for your kids.


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