How Did MS Bhaskar Transform Into A Remorseless Villain For 8 Thottakkal?

The way MS Bhaskar handles the character of Krishnamurthy in the movie 8 Thotakkal is really astounding and worth a round of applause.

June 19, 2019


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In 8 Thottakkal streaming on ZEE5, Krishnamurthy is one of the main characters. This role is essayed by the talented Muthupandi Somusundaram Bhaskar aka MS Bhaskar. The way this actor handles this character of Krishnamurthy who is laced with distinct shades of negativity is really worth a round of applause.

Watch the stunning performance of MS Bhaskar as Krishnamurthy in the movie 8 Thottakal.

MS Bhaskar was born and brought up in Nagapattinam. It was in 1986 that he started off his career as a dubbing artist. Before this, he also had good exposure to the Tamil theatre industry. But it was only in 1987 that he was able to set his foot into the Tamil industry as an actor.

A still from 8 Thottakal streaming on ZEE5.

It was during this early phase of his career that he had acted as a villain, but throughout his cinema journey, he has essentially focused on comic roles. His witty dialogue delivery style and perfect timing to crack a joke have made this actor a favourite of the Tamil movie viewers.

So, it was definitely a refreshing experience for moviegoers when they saw this powerful character of Krishnamurthy. In fact, the way MS Bhaskar has essayed this role of Krishnamurthy will send a chill down your spine. Krishnamurthy is remorseless and harsh. He has faced a sea of problems and has decided to vent it out. Perhaps 8 Thottakal would be the selected of the few movies where the actor has decided to deviate from the regular. In this process, MS Bhaskar has assured to deliver perfection.

Krishnamuthry holding a gun
A still from 8 Thottakal streaming on ZEE5.

For people who have had an opportunity to watch this movie, will surely not forget the role of Krishnamurthy. And if you belong to the lot that has not yet watched the movie, and then make sure you visit ZEE5 and watch the movie.

In the meantime, do let us know if you are as impressed by the actor as us in the comments section below!

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