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How Aggabai Sunbai’s Shubhra Reminds Us Of Radhika From Mazhya Navryachi Bayko

Tanvi Rumale

May 3, 2021

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From being housewives to having the best support system in their in-laws, here are all the similarities between Aggabai Sunbai’s Shubhra and Mazhya Navryachi Bayko’s Radhika!

It has been a couple of months since Mazhya Navryachi Bayko went off-air but it seems that the new Zee Marathi show, Aggabai Sunbai is not ready to make us forget about Radhika and Gurunath at all! We know that Saumitra of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko now plays Soham in Aggabai Sunbai, but the connection between these two shows doesn’t end here. We think that the leading ladies of these two shows, Shubhra and Radhika too are very similar characters! Ever since Aggabai Sunbai has started there have been a couple of things that have reminded us of Anita Date’s Radhika! And by Radhika, we obviously mean the old Radhika, the one who was married to Gurunath, not the owner of Radhika Masale, of course!

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They’re both housewives with children

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Both the shows start with showing these two ladies as housewives with children. They both have a son each and they take great care of the house and their family members. Both Radhika and Shubhra’s worlds revolve around their kitchen and their child and they know nothing else. They are both sort of like damsels in distress, who cannot handle situations on their own and worry about the smallest inconveniences. But they are also adorable characters who everyone loves and they are easy to befriend!

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They both have cheating and evil husbands

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Both their husbands are cheaters right from the beginning. Gurunath has an affair with Shanaya and Soham is having an affair with Suzzane. The women they’re having affairs with are more modern-looking than their wives and even younger too. Gurunath and Soham both pride themselves on being “the man of the house” and think they are the only capable ones in their families. They undermine their wives and are never genuine with them. They are both master manipulators and never want to see their wives happy either!

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They both have passions

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Radhika had a passion for cooking so once she left Gurunath she started Radhika Masale and worked hard to make it a big corporation! Shubhra seems to have a great mind for business, and she also has a huge passion for classical dance. In the last couple of episodes, we have seen how dancing just lights her up and she used to be great at it at one point. If Shubhra continues her dance training, she could also become a big star and perform at big events! Radhika Masale helped Radhika gain confidence in herself and become a better version of herself. Shubhra could follow Radhika’s path and who knows? Shubhra could revive her old, confident self again!

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They both have a great support system

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Both these ladies might not be supported by their husbands, but their in-laws love them like their own daughters. Gurunath’s parents stood by Radhika even after Radhika got married to Saumitra and at the end of the show, they even went to the village where Radhika was working to stand by her side in case Gurunath was up to his old tricks again! In Shubhra’s life too, Asawari and Abhijit act like her own parents and always find ways to encourage her and make her happy!

Do you think these two characters are similar?

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