Hotness Alert! The REJCTX 2 Cast Fashion Wardrobe Is Worth Copying This Summer

Kenneth Carneiro

May 24, 2020


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Fashion icons from REJCTX 2 on ZEE5

REJCTX 2 is a stylish series with each character having their unique fashion choices. While Sehmat chooses to wear a hijab, Harry loves wearing loud colours that suit his cheerful and happy personality. Here are the different fashions that the characters have displayed in REJCTX 2 that you can adopt too.

Watch the hot and stylist trailer for REJCTX 2 here.

1. The band practice look

The REJCTX is a high school band and they practice regularly. The band shows up in their casual best including track pants, loose dresses, and shorts. This is a perfect casual look for you as well.

2. Esha Gupta's tough cop look

If you want people to know you mean business, this is the look to go for. Esha Gupta plays the role of a tough cop in the second season of REJCTX and the simple look of pairing jeans with low neck tops and a power suit gives an understated yet elegant look.

3. The prim and proper prom look

The prom is the big event in the lives of the REJCTX and also the climax of the season. For this, the students bring out their formal best with a twist. While Harry puts on a golden suit, Maddy wears white sneakers with a red suit. Sehmat too gives an interesting take by wearing a shining hijab and palazzo pants. Meanwhile, Kiara and Aarav dress up for a grand ball.

4. Sehmat and Misha's contrasting styles

Sehmat and Misha are a couple on the show but they both have contrasting styles. While Sehmat wears long flowy dresses and rarely lets her hair down. Misha loves to wear short dresses that highlight her figure and look graceful too.

5. Maddy's athletic look

Maddy plays a sportsperson on the show who is good at basketball, swimming, and MMA. His style reflects his sporty personality. He dresses in tracksuits mostly or wears sports watches and loves his sneakers.

Sumeet Vyas' Cool Formals

Sumeet Vyas plays the role of vice-principal Farhan in REJCTX. He has a unique style which gives him a unique cool and formal look. He pairs a blazer with chinos and check shirts and completes the look with sneakers.

6. Swimwear

Swimming is a big part of REJCTX and if you are wondering what kind of swimwear works best for you, this is the apt series for ideas on swimwear!

Watch these stylish youngsters in the new season of REJCTX 2 , streaming exclusively on ZEE5.

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