Horror movies to watch on the weekend

The 3 horror movies to watch on the weekend to give you the goosebumps. If you want to spook your friends, this is the chance



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Have the stomach for gore? and a strong heart to boot?

Then get ready for a weekend of binge-watching of Hollywood horror movies. While this genre of movies is not without attendant perils given the chills and spills that the plot presents, the best are those which send a cold sweat down your brow, without the hideous and macabre images staring at you from the screen.

Uncertainty over what happens next is the hallmark of horror movies. No happy endings and there is not even the certainty that the main character will survive the unfolding ordeal. Notwithstanding a plot that will keep one glued to the edge of one’s seat, the twists and turns will only make one wonder if the worse is behind us danger still lurks behind the door.

Here are the 3 horror flicks that will spook your weekend for sure.

The Ring:

The Ring by Gore Verbinski released in 2002 should be on the must list of horror films. Stylish and effective, the opening and the end, keeps one glued to the action. The cursed tape set-up at the beginning and Samara, the ghost girl coming out of the TV set towards the end, green and blue-tinged visuals adds to the ghoulish appeal.

Under The Shadow

Not technically a horror movie, Under The Shadow by Babak Anvari is a period drama and is the story of Shideh (Narges Rashidi) who endures the tyranny of the Ayatollah Khamenei regime. Unlike the run-of-the-mill blood and gore, this film depicts the claustrophobia in Iran in the aftermath of the revolution. The story in a way is a tribute to resistance that Anvari’s mother, who hailed from a family that finally flees the tyranny.


This is another super spooky cinema by James Wan, who has given movies like The Witch, Green Room, The Conjuring, Pany’s Labyrinth, Shutter, Scream, Underworld and so on. Films like CAM starring Madeline Brewer too present a type of horror that may not enthuse the purists, but one that gives the viewers, goosebumps. And if these do not tire you, there are sequels to classics that will make you squeal.

Happy weekend.

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