Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Activist Joshua Wong Launches Bid For Seat In Legislature

His previous attempts to contest the polls have been barred by the authorities.

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July 20, 2020

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With the semi-autonomous city now under the new highly criticized security law, Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong has announced that he is contesting for a seat in the legislature. If elected, the democracy-oriented brigade will be able to at least gain a little influence in the running of affairs in the legislature that is now hugely dominated by those loyal to Beijing. But the question of whether he will indeed contest the polls eventually still remains since he has been barred by the authorities before this attempt.

Only half of the seats in the legislature are directly elected and the September 6 polls will see many pro-democracy activists trying to reclaim some importance in the city. Some candidates, however, stand the chance of being disqualified beforehand seeing Beijing’s massive influence in Hong Kong. “ With the possibility of facing a life sentence, I still hope to receive people’s mandate and let the world know that we will continue to fight until our last breath,” said Wong.

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