Hong Kong Activists Call For Ban On COVID19 Mass Testing

Activists call for ban over fears of China’s involvement in the COVID-19 mass testing program

Raghav N

September 1, 2020

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Hong Kong has initiated a mass coronavirus testing under a voluntary week-long universal community testing program, as a measure to control the third wave of infections that began in June end.

While the government claims that this is a health scheme with no political motives, a debate has kicked off in the country about China’s participation in the program. The testing drive is witnessing a limited response due to the involvement of mainland Chinese testing firms and doctors.

The fear of data and DNA harvesting by China has led to barely 500,000 people, just 7% of the country’s 7.5 million population, registering for testing. 141 community testing centres were fully booked on the first day.

Many pro-democratic activists, including Joshua Wong, called for the ban of this initiative by the government on Sunday. According to health critics, five million people will have to be examined to uncover the cases of hidden transmissions.

Protesters have stressed on a focused approach rather than mass testing to avoid further spread of infections. They have also questioned the nature of the plan, complaining that it is not an efficient use of resources.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam has slammed the critics saying that anti-government demonstrators will always find ways to create trouble. She added that scare-mongering tactics are adopted by these detractors despite steps taken by the administration to protect the identity of its people.

Until now, the country has recorded 4800 cases of COVID19 infections and 89 deaths.

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