Honey Singh Talks About The Importance Of Mental Health And His Own Fight With Bipolar Disorder

Honey Singh talks about his experience of coming out of the mental health condition of bipolar disorder.

Aditi Sharma

February 19, 2021

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Honey Singh gained major recognition with his singing and rapping skills. The singer disappeared for a long time before he made a grand comeback in the recent past. In a recent video, Honey Singh was seen talking about his mental health and how he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He admitted that people should start investing their time in improving their mental health as much as they focus on physical health. Take a look at what Honey Singh has to say about mental health.

After the death of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput, mental health has become a very prime subject of discussion in India. Honey Singh also talked about his mental health in an interview. The singer admitted that he was suffering from bipolar disorder and how he didn’t even know that he is going through a mental health condition.

When Honey Singh was at a peak of his career, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Due to bipolar disorder, an individual experiences depression and anxiety. Honey Singh said that he suffered for 18 months due to bipolar disorder. He was residing at his house in Noida during this time and he also mentioned that doctors helped him get through this hard phase of his life.

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In the interview, Honey Singh addressed his fans and said that they should leave everything if they are going through any mental health condition. He also mentioned that instead of money, one should make his/her health a priority. He added that stardom counts nowhere if you are not mentally fit to enjoy it and the same goes with the money.

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