Holi: Ditch the Usual Thandai And Try These Fusion Recipes Like ‘Thandai Cheesecake’ By Top Chefs This Year!

Excited and salivating already thinking of Thandai? Here are 5 different Thandai recipes for you to try out this Holi!

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March 24, 2021



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Holi 2021 is almost here and it is no secret how immensely enjoyable a large glass of Thandai always is during the occasion. Enjoying the chilled drink is a mouthwatering dessert that nobody could say no to. However, let’s not forget that there are various fusional ways you could have your Thandai, such as with an added Mango or Rose flavour or even in a mousse cake format. Check out the recipes below for the diverse and interesting new ways you could make your own Thandai this year!

Watch the video of Rose & Mango Thandai by Chef Gurdip Punj here:

1. Rose and Mango Thandai

Follow the steps mentioned next to prepare your own unique Thandai with a twist of added flavours of Rose and Mango. Add Thandai masala and milk in a bowl and mix it thoroughly. Then one by one add sugar, rose syrup, and mango syrup to the mixture and mix it together well. Decorate the insides of the glass with rose and mango syrup for a better look and pour in the prepared Thandai mix. Garnish the drink with almond flakes, saffron or even rose petals and serve it. Watch the video above to know more!

2. Thandai Mousse Cake

Add a fun twist to your usual Thandai and make a full-fledged dessert with the Thandai Mousse Cake! Mix together baking powder, baking soda, and cardamom powder with all-purpose flour. Then make a batter of yoghurt, castor sugar, vegetable oil and vanilla essence. Then mix the two batters together and blend thoroughly. Bake the sponge cake batter in a preheated oven at 180-degree celsius for 25 minutes.

Mix together heated fresh cream with chopped up white chocolate, Thandai syrup and whipped cream. Add a layer of this mixture onto the sponge cake and sprinkle ground almonds and pistachios over it. Cool the cake for an hour and then your Thandai Mousse Cake will be ready for you to dive into it.

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3. Instant Thandai Mix

Add blanched almonds, pistachios, fennel seeds, melon seeds, black peppercorns, poppy seeds, dry rose petals, and sugar to a container. Pour into a mixer and blend the ingredients together. And there you have it, your own Instant Thandai Mix powder ready for you to use anytime you crave the yummy drink!

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4. Thandai Cheesecake

Mix together crushed digestive biscuits with butter to prepare the base of your Thandai Cheesecake. Add it to your glass to set the bottom layer. In another bowl, first, blend some cream cheese really well. Then add your very own Instant Thandai Mix powder, soaked Kesar, and whipped cream to it and blend it together again. Pour this cheesecake mix into your piping bag and add it on top of the base layer inside the glasses. Garnish with pistachios and dried rose petal leaves and refrigerate to later enjoy your homemade Thandai Cheesecake!

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5. Easy Thandai

Blend together Kesar, cardamom, sugar candy, poppy seeds, black peppercorns, fennel seeds, melon seeds, almonds, cashew, salt and sugar in a mixer. Boil some milk and add the powdered Thandai mix into it. Then pour it out into a bowl and refrigerate it for around 12-14 hours. Pour it into your favourite glass and garnish your drink with crushed pistachios and almonds.

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