Holi 2021: Majha Hoshil Na’s Gautami Deshpande And Virajas Kulkarni Send Festive Wishes To Fans

Find out what your favourite stars Gautami Deshpande and Virajas Kulkarni love the most about Holi!

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March 28, 2021



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Majha Hoshil Na is one of the most-watched shows on Zee Marathi. Audiences love Aditya and Sai’s pairing and when the two finally got married, fans went berserk! The show has managed to keep viewers hooked even after a certain happy ending with Sai getting married and being accepted as the sun of the Brahmes. Currently, we are seeing how the mamas are learning to adjust to this new change in their house and how Sai and Aditya are working to spend time with each other while not forgetting their responsibilities.

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The lead actors of the show, Gautami Deshpande and Virajas Kulkarni took some time off their busy schedules on the sets and answered a sweet Q and A about the festival of colours – Holi! Gautami was dressed in a yellow saree and her face was covered in pink! She mentioned that Holi is her favourite festival because it brings in an array of colours and burns everything bad from our lives. She confessed she loves playing Holi with colours.

Gaumtami’s favourite Holi dish is Puran Poli. She mentioned that in general, her favourite dish is Puran Poli! Virajas on the other hand likes Puran Poli with Spicy potato curry!

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Virajas shared his fondest memories of Holi from Pune. He mentioned how they played with more water than colours with friends and family. This Holi will be different as he will not be spending time with his family and is missing them a lot. Gautami too misses her friends and family, playing with them and eating Puran Poli with them!

When Gautami was asked her favourite colour she said it was pink and Virajas admitted that his favourite colour is actually black! He owns a lot of black clothes and loves how anything goes well with black! As a child, he remembers playing Holi with his friends and the memories alone make him feel very happy.

They both love Holi for the bright colours and urged us all to forget the past and begin anew! The actors wished all their fans and ZEE5 viewers a very Happy Holi on behalf of the entire cast of Majha Hoshil Na!

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