Hitler Gari Pellam Promo: Meet Bhanumathi, The Titular Character Of Nirupam Paritala’s New Show

Zee Telugu is all set to return with a brand new show titled Hitler Gari Pellam. It stars Nirupam Paritala in the lead role, with Gomathi Priya as his on-screen wife-to-be.

Sneha Bale

July 27, 2020


3 min


Zee Telugu has been making sure that people get their daily dose of entertainment, without any delay. Even through the lockdown, as the nation tried to fight the pandemic, Zee Telugu kept us entertained with a special chat show, Lockdown Talks with Ravi. Now that the world is finding its feet again in the new normal, the channel has belted out yet another show, titled Hitler Gari Pellam (Hitler’s Wife).

Watch the promo here:

The two-minute short clips open in a dark room, where we see a girl waking up from her sleep. Her name is later revealed as Bhanumathi. She smiles wide and steps out of her house. Upon seeing a middle-aged woman struggling with pain in her arm, Bhanu offers to help. The woman says, “Let it go Bhanu amma, you cannot do it”. Bhanu takes it as a challenge and goes to prove herself. Instead of watering the plants in front of her, Bhanu splashes the lady with water.

Later, Bhanu sees her mother struggle in the kitchen and gets excited to help. To her misery, Bhanu slips on a rolling pin and makes things worse for her mother. Once again, Bhanu gets a, “You cannot do it” in response. Bhanu prays to the gods to give her an opportunity to prove that she can do a lot more than people allow her to. When everything seems to be going against Bhanu, the lord decides to support her and blesses her by dropping a flower right into her palms.

Bhanumathi in Hitler Gari Pellam
Bhanumathi in Hitler Gari Pellam hoping to get an opportunity to prove herself (Source: ZEE5)

Soon, three ladies, including Sunanda Malisetti, visit Bhanu’s house. Like any other Pelli Choopulu, Bhanu brings tea for everyone only to impress the three ladies. They ask if she is willing to be the “attah” (mother-in-law) to them and everyone stands up in shock. Like us, Bhanu and her father wonder why would Bhanu be an “attah” at a time when she should be the “kodalu” (daughter-in-law).

What do you think is the matter here? Let us know in the comments down below. Nirupam Paritala‘s Hitler Gari Pellam releases on August 17. You can watch all the episodes before TV only on ZEE5.

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