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His Storyy Review: This Priyamani-Satyadeep Misra Starrer Is Sure To Tug At Your Heartstrings

Vatsal Thakore

April 26, 2021

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His Storyy, the new ZEE5 show starring Satyadeep Misra, Priyamani, and Mrinal Dutt, has premiered on the platform. The show deals with multiple subjects that will tug at your heartstrings in a mature way.

His Storyy, a new show, starring Priyamani, Satyadeep Misra, Mrinal Dutt, and Charu Shankar, premiered on ZEE5 on 25 April. The show revolves around the story of a married couple, Kunal and Sakshi, whose life and world are destroyed after Kunal’s post-marital affair with another man gets revealed. Read on to know our His Storyy review.

The show begins with setting up Sakshi’s story as a head chef, who is highly ambitious. She is beginning a new restaurant and preparing for its opening party, and the restaurant would be managed by her husband, Kunal. While Sakshi is preparing for the event’s menu, Kunal is at home, getting their kids ready for the party. We are then also introduced to the character of Raafia and her daughter, who are also dealing with issues going on between them. 

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Soon, at the party, some characters who are friends of the couple are introduced and their roles are established – who they are and how close they are to the couple. Sakshi brings in a surprise guest for the party – Preet. Preet is a renowned food critic who is happy to be at the restaurant’s opening night, but his presence is making Kunal uncomfortable. Near the end of the episode, we learn that Sakshi feels Kunal is not happy in the marriage and we also see that he has been having a secret affair with Preet for a long time.

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Further, in the show, we see that Kunal meets Preet the first chance he gets when Sakshi leaves for a meeting in another city. However, Sakshi is still missing the intimacy with Kunal and decides to reschedule the meeting and surprise Kunal. On not finding Kunal at home, she feels that he is having an affair with another woman. Also, due to an extramarital affair with one of her friend’s husband, she has now become paranoid about Kunal. Later, we see that Ved, the son of Kunal’s best friend, is also gay, and he is trying to come out but is wary because of society’s stereotypes and mockery towards homosexual people.

Now, one part of this group of friends is coming to terms with Ved’s sexuality, accepting him for who he is, and at the same time, Sakshi finds out about Kunal’s affair with Preet. Sakshi is left devastated by this discovery and Raafia is trying her best to comfort her. In these moments, Priyamani has given an absolutely brilliant performance. All the parts where her character is trying to deal with the devastating news, are brilliantly acted by her.

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Later, she announces separation from Kunal, and he moves in with Preet. While their sons do not know why this sudden separation has happened, their friend, Nihal, who is shown as an epitome of misogyny, assumes that the separation happened because of Sakshi’s affair, and spoils her image in front of her friends. At this point, Kunal stands up for her and shows Nihal a mirror.

Amidst all this, Nihal’s wife, Loveleen, is also trying to deal with his lies and shams. Also, their kids are having troubles of their own, as Kunal’s eldest son, Shivaay is a huge homophobe and keeps mocking Ved’s sexuality. Shivaay’s brother, Shlok, is a completely opposite person, and always accepting of everyone.

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The separation of Kunal and Sakshi causes a lot of issues in all of their aspects – family, friends, business, etc. Also, when gradually everyone begins finding out the truth about Kunal, they all deal with it differently and how the world changes with it, forms the crux of the story.

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His Storyy deals with each and every concept that it has taken up – marriage, affairs, homosexuality, teenage, family, misogyny – in a very very matured and organic manner. The series succeeds in displaying all the emotions and all the necessary discussions without anything feeling out-of-place or overdramatic. Also, the story and the screenplay of the series has been written in such a manner, that you will definitely find yourself feeling connected to every character, and being invested in all of their arcs. Each and every character of this show has been given its own battles and arcs to deal with and their whole journey is depicted very well throughout the show.

Satyadeep Misra has given a truly amazing performance as Kunal. He has captured all of his character’s qualities, emotions, and mannerisms perfectly and displayed them very aptly. Mrinal Dutt has also given a great performance, as Preet. He has portrayed the character with utter perfection, displaying the expressions and mannerisms very effectively. Both of the actors also have great chemistry in the show and their scenes never feel forced or out-of-place.

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But the best performance in His Storyy comes from Priyamani, who deserves a round of applause for her performance as Sakshi. The way she could capture all of Sakshi’s dilemmas, her battles, and her turmoils, and display them on screen, was exemplary. Satyadeep Misra and Priyamani also share great chemistry in the show, and their scenes feel truly natural. Also, her chemistry with Charu Shankar, who plays the role of her friend, Raafia, is amazing – the scenes where we get to see the friendship and the bonding between Sakshi and Raafia are very effective.

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Besides them, Nitin Bhatia, Mikail Gandhi, Rajiv Kumar, Charu Shankar, and all the actors in the His Storyy cast have given equally great performances. The direction of the show is also outstanding. You will easily find yourself invested in the story and the characters, from the very beginning. Also, the background music of the show has been composed so beautifully, that it will connect you to its emotions very well.

Overall, His Storyy makes for a very heart-touching and soulful show, that deals with multiple concepts in a very mature way. Watch His Storyy on ZEE5.

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