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HiPi Premier League Welcomes Chennai Swaggers Cheerleader Arjun Bisht

Ankita Tiwari

September 29, 2020

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HiPi Premier League has become an addiction for the HiPiz who are leaving no stone unturned in scoring more runs!

The HiPi Premier League is a contest for cricket fanatics who want their team to win. The HPL has teams like Chennai Swaggers, Punjab Kings, Kolkata Khiladis, and more. The challenge is that during the span of 53 days, the 8 teams would have face-offs and they can score runs everyday! The catch is that the HiPiz supporting their teams have to upload HiPits and earn likes on them. These likes are then considered as runs and the one player to score the most in a day can win prizes up to 10 lakh rupees! Apart from that, the team scoring the most runs in the entire HPL will win the trophy, so don’t you want your city to win?

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If you want your city to win then participate and score! Also, if you are supporting Chennai Swaggers then here is something for you, the team’s cheerleader Arjun Bisht’s suave moves!

Look at him dance to the Chennai Swaggers anthem. Arjun is a famous HiPistar and is definitely going to lead the Chennai Swaggers to glory.

Arjun Bisht’s freestyle and contemporary dance skills and his killer moves would definitely help the team win a century!

Love the Chennai Swaggers’ anthem? Well, it is time that you recreate the video and win the prizes. The HPL is on and who knows you might be the lucky winner of the day. Download ZEE5 and create your HiPi account to start creating and earning!

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