Hindustani Bhau Calls Out Kangana Ranaut For Her Insensitivity; Asks Her To Get A Reality Check

Hindustani Bhau recently spoke about Kangana Ranaut and her posts on social media. Have a look at what the controversial star had to say about the actor.

Sania Kader

May 22, 2021

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Social media star Hindustani Bhau recently took a dig at actor Kangana Ranaut for her lack of empathy towards the people. He advised her to get out of the house and face the reality on the ground level to understand what the people have been going through amidst the second wave. He also criticised the government for the way they have been handling the COVID-19 crisis. He strictly opposed the lockdown and explained how people need to get out in order to earn a living for themselves. The reality star had previously expressed his disapproval when Kangan Ranaut compared Mumbai to ‘Pakistan occupied Kashmir’ after she faced alleged intolerance in the city due to her controversial tweets.

Here is a look at the ZEE5 video with details related to Hindustani Bhau’s take on Kangana Ranaut and her actions on social media:

Reality star Hindustani Bhau has always been in the headline for his controversial statements and opinions. The social media personality rose to fame through Instagram and eventually also left a deep mark through his appearance on Bigg Boss 13. In the most recent turn of events, he took a direct dig at Kangana Ranaut for her problematic content on social media. In an interview, Hindustani Bhau stated that Kangana Ranaut must get out of social media a get a reality check by facing the people on the ground level. He wanted her to witness the sufferings of the people first-hand so that she can understand what others have been going through while she passes blatant comments on social media.

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Hindustani Bhau had previously expressed his problem with Kangana Ranaut when the actor had called Mumbai ‘PoK’ after her office was demolished in Mumbai due to property-related issues. Hindustan Bhau was of the stance that she is right in her place but he will not tolerate it if she passes such comments on the city of Mumbai. Hindustani Bhau has lately been busy working for the people and has also been encouraging the citizens to donate and help the ones in need.

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