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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out Watching Comedy Drama Ulta On ZEE5

Tom Francis

June 13, 2020

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Featuring Gokul Suresh, KPAC Lalita, Prayaga Martin and Ramesh Pisharody, Ulta is the perfect brew of comedy, action and romance for you. Stream now!

Are you looking for an action-comedy flick to cure your boredom during the lockdown? Check out Ulta featuring Gokul Suresh, Prayaga Martin, Anusree and Ramesh Pisharody on ZEE5. The film is surely going to make you go LOL.

Directed by Suresh Poduval, Ulta tells the story of a fictional village named Ponnapuram where women challenge gender roles and leave men in the second place as they take matters in their own hands. A laughter riot breaks out when a few men led by Ramesh Pisharody tries to take back control in the village.

Missed out on Ulta featuring Gokul Suresh and Prayaga Martin? Watch the movie here:

Here are several reasons why Ulta should be on your lockdown watchlist next:

Engaging Plot

Best comedy moments from Ramesh Pisharody (1)
Best comedy moments from Ramesh Pisharody

Veteran screenwriter turned director Suresh Poduval hooks the audience on the quirky village of Ponnapuram with only several minutes into the film. Characters essayed by the like of KPAC Lalita, Anusree and Prayaga Martin make us wonder where we have seen them before for the many relatable situations in the movie.

Ulta revolves around a quirky village named Ponnapuram where women defy gender roles by leading the village in every aspect. Things turn sour for the men when Chandru arrives as a martial arts trainer for the women thereafter an attack on their leader. With engaging twists and turns, Ulta is surely going to remind you of the classic comedy movies from the ’90s, that you loved to watch.

Star Cast

Star Cast from Ulta
Star cast from Ulta

The spectacular cast for the movie includes several of Malayalam’s comedy A-listers like Kalabhavan Shajon, KPAC Lalita, Ramesh Pisharody, Salim Kumar and Surabhi Lakshmi. The comedy star lead in the movie crackles you up with situational comic moments and memorable one-liners. Pisharody shines out as the leader of the male faction of the village with his quirky dialogues and antics. The movie also features stunning performances from Prayaga Martin, Gokul Suresh and Anusree.

Best Duo Of Prayaga Martin And Gokul Suresh

Gokul Suresh and Prayaga Martin
Gokul Suresh and Prayaga Martin

Ulta, after the introduction of Chandru – Gokul Suresh’s character — turns into an all-round entertainer with enough action and romance to support the fun-filled story. Prayaga Martin and Gokul Suresh essay one of the best romantic duos in recent movies. All the rom-com lovers out there are surely going to enjoy the catchy tracks and scenic song sequences from the movie.

Social Message

Well constructed social message (1)
A well constructed social message

Even with all the comedy, action and romance, Ulta delivers a well-constructed social message through its storyline. It also shows how gender roles attached to the fields of work, politics and family are baseless. Characters essayed by KPAC Lalita and Anusree assure the audience that the message in the movie is loud and clear. With the introduction of Chandru and several others in the second half, the movie tells the viewers that if both the genders were given equal respect and opportunity, great things can be achieved.

Ulta delivers a relevant message through an unconventional yet quirky tale of love, action and comedy.

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