Here’s Why You Should Get Inspired By Nakshatram Star Pragya Jaiswal And Do Aerial Yoga

This form of exercise is fast becoming a favourite with our celebs. Take a cue from this petite hottie and try it out to stay fit and radiant.

Promita Mukherjee

May 20, 2019


3 min


It’s a hot favourite with Bollywood celebs like Alia Bhatt and Malaika Arora. And guess what, our Tollywood diva Pragya Jaiswal loves it too. The Nakshatram actor recently posted a couple of photos of her practising aerial yoga, and we can’t help but feel inspired. This gravity-defying form of exercise is an offshoot of traditional yoga, with a twist.

Check out Pragya hanging from nylon ropes as part of her workout session. Aerial yoga, which mixes traditional yoga poses with other forms such as Pilates and dance, requires soft, fabric hammock which is made using special, high-density nylon and held up using carabiners and support chains. Are you also looking for newer ways to stay fit? How about you get inspired by this hottie and try out this form of exercise too?

Pragya Jaiswal
(Source: Instagram)

Want to know why you should be trying it out? For starters, it will help your body become flexible. Since you do the exercises while being up in the air, literally, it helps your body release tension in the muscles and bones. Added bonus, your core muscles get stronger. There’s more. Since you need to practically move and stretch every bit of your body during aerial yoga, your muscles become toned and redefined. It also makes the joints stronger.

Pragya Jaiswal
(Source: Instagram)
What if we told you this form of fitness routine will also help you look fresh and younger? That’s right. Practising aerial yoga on a regular basis helps increase your blood circulation and detoxifies the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Which means, cardiovascular issues won’t visit you soon. The improved blood circulation will help flush out the toxins, delaying aging and its symptoms. Fresh, radiant skin in a jiffy without having to subject your skin to harsh chemicals. Ain’t it just a win win?
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