Monday Motivation: Here’s why you should be weight training like A Aa star Samantha Akkineni

It comes with a ton of benefits, and that not just includes losing weight. We like how the actor is busting myths around this fitness routine

Promita Mukherjee

November 16, 2020


3 min


One of the reasons we look up to our celebs is that they can actually have an influence on us. And some of them are daring enough to not just lead the way, but also take myths and bust them. Case in point, A Aa star, the gorgeous Samantha Akkineni. This girl, who is married to superstar Naga Chaitanya, likes to stay healthy and fit, and in the process, throw some fitness myths down the drain. Such as, women shouldn’t be doing weight training.

The reason that’s often given is that lifting weights could give you biceps. Instead, women are often directed towards cardio at the gym. But hey, guess what, that is not true at all. Check out how Samantha is just killing it at the gym. She posted a photo of her doing weight training on Instagram. She wrote: “They don’t understand us ..We do this because it makes us feel good .. I don’t cardio #weighttrainingwomen#squatheavy #womenwithpower.”

Want to take some fitspo from this pretty and talented actor? Why don’t you start doing weight training too? Do you know it comes with a ton of benefits? Among the most important ones include keeping your heart healthy. Things such as a large waist circumference, high triglycerides, blood pressure and glucose levels are dangerous for your heart. Lifting weights helps combat all these.

Of course, it helps you burn calories. But it also gives you that perfect hourglass shape that you crave for. That is because weight training helps you build muscles. So, your body has a greater chance of taking an hourglass shape. Weight training, which is a form of strength training, actually helps you get those curves.

And that’s now just it. When you lift weight, your bones get stronger. It also releases endorphins, those feel-good chemicals, in your brain, making you happier after a session of weight training. If you are one of those with a sweet tooth, then weight training will help you immensely. It improves the manner in which your body processes sugar and thus, helps prevent Type 2 diabetes as well, according to studies.

Need more reasons? Why don’t you get started already? Want to catch another fit star in action? Watch Pragya Jaiswal play the rocking IPS officer Kiran Reddy in Nakshatram on ZEE5.

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