Here’s Why You Should Add ABCD To Your Weekend Watch List

Looking to watch a light-hearted entertainer this weekend? This Allu Sirish starrer is just what you need.

Promita Mukherjee

November 16, 2019


3 min


ABCD. American Born Confused Desi. We have all grown up with this term, right? What with families spread across the world and cousins visiting us for vacations, carrying with them loads of mineral water bottles, chocolates and other gifts, and of course, either a complete sense of disgust of all things Indian or complete awe of them. And then adjusting to things that are quintessentially Indian are just so much of a challenge. Recently released Telugu drama ABCD – American Born Confused Desi will make you revisit those moments.

The film, which stars Allu Sirish and Ruksar Dhillon in the lead roles, is directed by Sanjeev Reddy and is a remake of the Malayalam movie of the same name which had Dulquer Salman in the lead. If light-hearted comedies are your thing, then this weekend, sit down with a tub of popcorn or nachos, round up your gang of friends, and binge watch on ABCD.

The story is quite simple in its premise. Aravind (Allu Sirish) and his cousin Bala Shanmugam (Master Bharat) are NRIs. They are used to living it up. But what happens when Aravind’s father (played by Naga Babu) decides that they need to learn how to be responsible and understand the value of money?

Allu Sirish in a still from the movie
Allu Sirish in a still from ABCD (Source: ZEE5)

So Aravind and his cousin are sent to India for a month-long ‘holiday’, with a monthly stipend of Rs 5,000 to make ends meet. They have to live in a slum and actually do everything that is required to survive. Then there is the finance minister Subhalekha Sudhakar who is certain that people can live on Rs 38 a day and his son Bhargav (Raja Chembolu) who is getting ready to follow his father’s footsteps. What happens when their paths cross? You will need to watch the movie to find out the answers.

With Allu Sirish’s acting, some amazing music and background music by Judah Sandhy and super funny moments thanks to Vennela Kishore, you will sure enjoy this light-hearted entertaining movie.

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