Here’s Why You Need To Sit Down With Your Kids And Watch Love U Ganesha On ZEE5

Sneha Bale

April 23, 2020


1 min

About Chintu, a simple boy

Lockdown is getting tougher, and we’re all running out of things that interest us. These times are tougher for parents with little munchkins who need constant attention and affection. We suggest indulging in the entertaining film, Love U Ganesha on ZEE5. The film is about a simple boy named Chintu whose life turns around when he meets Ganesh and becomes his friend.

Watch the film here:

A real bond between Chintu and Ganesha

In the beginning, Chintu gets angry on Ganesha for not helping him in any aspect of life. But soon, they start developing a real bond.

A journey towards defeating evil

Ganesha finds out that Chintu is a well-intentioned boy. But the problems come when he refuses to contribute to getting work done. Ganesh teaches him that no matter what the evils in life are, one must fight them and win over.

Learning to roll with the punches

Chintu constantly expects Ganesha to provide him with a shortcut for each of the problem. Initially, Ganesha deals with Chintu with love and sensitivity. But soon, Ganesha understands the root cause and teaches Chintu a lesson.

Modern and engaging

The film is a perfect fit for today’s kids. The language is casual and can be understood by anyone and everyone. Their situations, too, are modern and relatable.

Watch the full film here. You can also get all the live updates on Coronavirus on ZEE5 News Section.

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