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Here’s Why Vikranth And Aarthi From Gattimela Are The Ultimate #CoupleGoals


March 11, 2020

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We give you three reasons that prove what makes Vicky and Aarthi, who are as different as chalk and cheese, perfect for each other.

The excitement is building up in the Manjunath and Vasishta family with Aarthi and Vikranth of Gattimela wedding coming closer to the date! On one hand, we have Vedanth and Amulya whose budding love story is causing all the tension, but we also have this perfect couple to celebrate.

Here’s why Vikranth and Aarthi are the perfect couple.

Vikranth and Aarthi are accepting of each other. Even though Aarthi does not talk much and keeps to herself, Vedanth brings it up in a light manner to say that he will love her no matter how long she takes to open up. Aarthi is aware of the fact that Vikranth is absolutely playful while she is mature but the two celebrate their differences in a beautiful manner. Vikranth is in love with Aarthi and is caring and aware of her needs. He is also sensitive which makes him all the more charming considering that Aarthi keeps to herself for the most part of it.

With Sarika entering the picture, we also see how the two will go to any extent to fight for their love. Sarika intoxicates Vikranth so that she can get married to him. However, Aarthi who comes across as extremely timid, slaps Sarika for having wronged Vikranth. Apart from this, Vikranth comes from an upper-class background as compared to Aarthi, who is not very well-to-do. Nevertheless, he accepts her for how she is and never makes her feel inferior to him.

A Still Of Vicky And Aarthi
Source: ZEE5

Moreover, the two give each other enough space and freedom to live their individual lives. They are more like friends who can openly talk about everything. They are also equally concerned for Amulya, who is upset about Vedanth getting married to Sahithya and work together to help her feel better!

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