Here’s why video-based learning on Eduauraa is best way for your child to be ahead of his peers!

Here are 5 reasons why Eduauraa’s premium video-based learning methods are best for students!

Tom Francis

September 26, 2020


4 min


With the global pandemic situation, schools all around the world have shifted to online classes and modules. It is every reason for a parent like you to worry about your child’s learning process as schools have left the traditional method of teaching to the digital new age. Why worry about your child catching up on syllabus and topping exams when you have Eduauraa by your side! With its diverse syllabus modules and mentorship, Eduauraa is the premium digital learning platform for your child’s success.

To know more about Eduauraa, take a glimpse at this video:

Eduauraa brings affordable world-class education with a library of interactive learning content videos, E-books, mind maps and Papers in both Hindi and English. With video-based learning, your child can benefit a lot and always be an extra mile ahead of their peers at school. If you are new to Eduauraa and its interactive theme-based learning methods is perfect for your child!

  1. Interactive lectures engage the students

As we all know young students have a short attention span. They find classes interesting only if the method of teaching is engaging. Eduauraa promises to engage online video lectures with qualified teachers explaining topics with the help of 3D and 2D animations. Not only they grasp the topics better, but the video lectures also ignite curiosity in young minds.

  1. EQ is always there for your help

Unlike other learning apps, Eduauraa comes with an inbuilt assistant who is there with all the help your child will need with studies. Be it lesson planning or class scheduling; EQ is always there with a solution only a click away. With the personalised assistance feature, parents can also track and take part in their young one’s learning journey.

  1. Personalised assistance and mentorship with Eduauraa

Eduauraa makes sure that learning is a two-way process and not just the traditional method of endless workbooks and exercises. With personalised assistance and mentorship with topics, Eduauraa is all set to clear any sort of doubts your child might have on his syllabus. The qualified mentors Eduauraa provides are also available for one on one sessions, making sure that the topics are well-grasped and clear for your child.

  1. Board wise syllabus modules a click away!

Eduauraa has a curriculum of 9 Boards i.e. ICSE, CBSE, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Tamil Nadu to suit your child’s needs. The diverse curriculums and syllabus modules on Eduauraa make it an amazing destination for your child who is preparing for his upcoming board exams. Be it revisions or workbooks, Eduauraa is ready with everything your child needs!

  1. Unlimited practice with study materials

From previous years question papers to unique work-books, Eduauraa provides your child with a wide range of accessories to use with online lectures. This way, your child gets more practice than his/her peers and is also made familiar with diverse topics and subjects. As a part of its introductory offer, you can buy a ZEE5 Premium Pack at a reasonable price of Rs. 999 and get access to a yearly subscription of Eduauraa.

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