Here’s Why The Sibling Bond In Khari Biscuit Is One Of Its Kind

Khari and Biscuit share an incredible bond in the film directed by Sanjay Jadhav. Read on to know why we think their relationship is special.

Kedar Koli

September 7, 2020


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Not often do we come across a film that touches our heart, but Khari Biscuit does just that! The film directed by Sanjay Jadhav will soon be premiering on ZEE5. It’s a heartwarming tale dedicated to the bond between two siblings–Khari (Vedashree Khadilkar) and Biscuit (Adarsh Kadam). The story opens with these two characters trying to make ends meet as they both are orphans living on the street. It is about their high-soaring ambitions, their never-ending affection, and amazing determination. As the story moves forward, we get to witness an incredible bond between the siblings. While there have been instances of such lovely relationships previously in films like Dhaaga and Elizabeth Ekadashi, we think that the bond shown in the film is one of its kind. Read on to know why we think so.

Here’s a soulful melody from the film.

1. Living their dreams together

Khari has lost vision after her birth and Biscuit is her only support. Even though they’re street urchins, these adorable kids believe in living their life to the fullest. So when Khari demands something, Biscuit makes her wish his command and gets to work. Biscuit does everything in his power to treat her like a princess. From arranging a local mimicry artist to enact Shah Rukh Khan to taking her on a water tank to trick her into thinking that they’re flying in an aircraft, Biscuit gives it all for Khari.

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2. Completing each other

Since Khari is blind, Biscuit colours her world with everything that she’s deprived off. Biscuit can go far and high just to make her feel special. When Khari tells him that she wants to witness India lifting the World Cup in a cricket stadium, Biscuit decides to arrange something for her. They literally complete each other!

3. Unconditional love

The film speaks to us on a deeper level because of the relationship that the two protagonists share. The very picture of a little child trying to fulfil the dreams of his sister clicks instantly. This is portrayed perfectly in the song Tula Japnar Aahe which talks about the unconditional love Khari and Biscuit have for each other.

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4. Turning impossible things into possible

It’s technically impossible for Biscuit to take Khari to a cricket stadium. However, Biscuit doesn’t give up and comes up with new ideas to make her wish come true. He even resorts to crime just for the sake of his beloved sister.

5. The special relationship that Khari and Biscuit share

The bond that the two share comes across as natural rather than being forced as a mere plot point in the film. It’s a special something that Khari and Biscuit have and we can connect to it emotionally. Don’t you agree?

This beautiful film releases on September 8 exclusively on ZEE5. You can watch more such films like Khari Biscuit with the premium subscription of ZEE5.

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