Here’s How The Party Game Mafia Reveals Human Behaviour; Read This If You Played It Too

Upcoming ZEE5 original web series Mafia starring Namit Das, Tanmay Dhanania, is a game that tests all the traits and behaviours of human society.

Kenneth Carneiro

July 12, 2020


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Mafia is an upcoming series on ZEE5 starring Namit Das, Tanmay Dhanania and others in leading roles. This series tells the story of six college friends who go on a reunion trip. However, secrets from their past unfold as they play the party game Mafia. This is a psychological thriller where secrets lead to dangerous consequences. An important factor in this series is the game Mafia, which is actually a game that tests all the traits and behaviours of human society. Curious to find out how? Read on

Watch a trailer for Mafia here.

Mafia is a party game that is played with cards and dice but it is easy to play without either of these two. The game is simple enough with a group being divided into smaller groups of citizens, mafia, doctors, police and god. The group tries to guess who the mafia is while the mafia tries to kill people with a wink.

The game has a unique dynamic where few people know who the mafia is, while a majority of the players are uninformed. That’s why the game relies on social interaction if you want to win. Majority of the players try to interrogate the remaining participants to find out the truth and it can lead to pretty loud and tense discussions/arguments.

Another aspect adding to the tension of this game is that the mafia and the citizens are both trying to finish off each other without hurting any of their own. Mafia is an intense social game where you use eye contact, lies and constant scrutiny which brings a lot of past memories and feelings about the other participants to the fore.

If you found yourself and your team targeting one player because they seemed suspicious only to find out you were wrong all along, you are not alone. The aspect of witch-hunting is common in the game, where people quickly become suspicious and will not accept they are wrong.

Tell us your most intense, shocking, and scandalous game of Mafia in the comments below. Watch the psychological thriller releasing on 10 July on ZEE5.

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