Here’s why Pookalam Varavayi’s Harshan and Sapthathi would be of better help for Kalyani in Chembarathi

Harshan and Sapthathi’s calm and composed characteristics have always put their brother’s interests first. Here’s why they could have been a better aide for Chembarathi’s Anand and Kalyani.

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March 25, 2021



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We all love to watch Harshan and Sapthathi in Pookalam Varavayi. From their loving relationship to their cute chemistry, the couple always finds a way to steal our hearts. Although they are facing some minor hiccups in their lives right now, the duo will soon bounce back to being at their bests and we know that for sure. Harshan’s optimistic character and Sapthathi’s charm are sure to help the duo find their way out of any trouble and we can only imagine the extent of problems they can solve with their positive attitude.

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While Harshan and Sapthathi and fighting to resolve some problems that arose between them, Chembarathi’s Aravind and Nandana are once again stuck in a situation they weren’t meant to be a part of. Unlike Harshan and Sapthathi, Aravind and Nandana’s lives have never been smooth. Filled with problems and fights, the duo has often struggled to find the common ground on which they stand now.

Nandana and Aravind
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Currently, Aravind and Nandana are in a tricky position. As Akhila is planning to marry off Kalyani to get her away from Anand, the duo finds themselves helpless in the situation. While they want to help Kalyani and Anand, they find almost no way of doing so. To add to the problems, Akhila’s relationship with neither Aravind nor Nandana is of help here. To her, Aravind is too immature for tough decisions while Nandana’s recent actions have lost her credibility in the family.

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As the duo stands helpless in the situation, we can only imagine how different things would have been if Pookalam Varavayi’s Sapthathi and Harshan were at Trichamabarath instead of Aravind and Nandana. Unlike the latter, Sapthathi and Harshan would have always been extra careful to not affect the peace at Trichamabarth thanks to their considerate characteristics. It is safe to say that both Akhila and Krishnan would have shown some extra liking to them as they are clearly more respectable. Harshan, although quirky, is mature enough to take things into his hands while Sapthathi would have been a strong pillar of support for Kalyani.

Harshan and Sapthathi in Pookalam Varavayi
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Considering Harshan’s positive outlook, he would have urged Anand to inform Akhila about his marriage long ago and would have helped him convince their mother. Akhila is a strong character who is hard to break, but someone like Harshan could easily manipulate Akhila and convince her about Kalyani’s greatness. Although the chances of everything playing out peacefully are less, Harshan and Sapthathi would surely have decreased the damage in such a situation. We can only imagine how well the calm and composed characters of the duo would have fit into the Trichamabarath family.

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